Vergennes Police Log: Police find car that disappeared

VERGENNES — A March 17 report to Vergennes police of a stolen vehicle from a Main Street home proved to have a mostly happy ending. 

On that Tuesday police were told by a Main Street resident that she briefly left her vehicle running to go back into her home, and when she came back out it was gone. 

The responding officer searched the area and found the vehicle nearby, in police lingo, “resting against a tree.” Police reported the vehicle did sustain minor damage in the incident. 

In other incidents between March 12 and 22, Vergennes police: 

On March 12:

•  Removed a sticker advertising the Patriot Front, a white supremacist group, which had been affixed to the crosswalk device at the intersection of South Water and Main streets. Police said they patrolled the area, but were unable to determine who put the sticker there. 

•  Checked the welfare of a female resident of Victory Drive, who was determined to be OK.

•  Advised a South Victory Street resident who was having difficulty with past residency issues in Bristol and Middlebury.

On March 13: 

•  Conducted two property watches of Main Street area homes at the request of residents.

•  Conducted crosswalk enforcement operations in the downtown area and saw no violations.

•  Assisted a female resident who had received unwanted communication from a former boyfriend; police told him not to contact the complainant again.

•  Dealt with a report of illegal dumping from the owner of the Vergennes Laundromat; police identified the owners of the trash, and as of Tuesday were still trying to track them down. 

On March 14: 

•  Sealed three criminal cases for the Addison District Court.

•  Checked the welfare of a Cataract Lane resident who was experiencing emotional difficulties; police put the resident in contact with counseling.

On March 15 notified the Vergennes Department of Public Works that a vehicle had knocked down a School Street stop sign.

On March 16:

•  Checked a 911 hang-up call at Vergennes Union High School; a staff member reported no sign of any problems.

•  Responded to the Valley Vista rehabilitation center on Alden Place to assist the Charlotte Rescue Squad with a client who was experiencing hallucinatory issues. Police said the client was calmed down and then worked with center staff.

•  Conducted a downtown foot patrol and a traffic detail, both on Main Street and both without incident.

On March 17:

•  Went to Victory Street to discuss suspected vandalism to a parked vehicle. The owner said the vehicle had been parked at his mother’s house since February, and when he returned for it he noticed someone appeared to have tampered with his gas cap, that the vehicle did not run well, and he believed the incident took place in Vergennes.

•  Took possession of a cell phone that was found in the middle of Panton Road by a passing motorist.

On March 18 responded to a call from a resident of First Street, who alleged a neighbor had threatened to shoot her son for trespassing. Police said there was no gun involved and issued both parties no-trespass orders.

On March 19: 

•  Conducted two foot patrols and dealt with a false alarm at the Bixby Library.

•  Ticketed four vehicles in violation of the city’s winter overnight parking ban and ordered one of them towed.

On March 20:

•  While on a foot patrol dealt with an unsecured South Maple Street building.

•  Assisted the Vergennes Area Rescue Squad with a drug overdose by a man at a South Water Street home. Police said he admitted using drugs but refused medical assistance.

On March 22 conducted a traffic detail in the downtown area and saw no violations.

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