Vergennes Police Log: Police join search for resident

VERGENNES — After receiving a March 17 tip late in the day about a possibly suicidal city resident, Vergennes police worked hard to find her, but ultimately once they found her were told by the resident she felt OK.

Acting on a tip from a concerned acquaintance, police first went to her residence. Not finding her, they decided to trace her phone and discovered it was in a remote area. With help from Vermont State Police, Vergennes police searched that area unsuccessfully.

They asked the phone to be pinged again and discovered she had returned to her residence. Police then went there and spoke with the resident and were assured she was OK and would obtain help the next morning.

Between March 15 and 21, Vergennes police also conducted 15 patrols by car and two on foot, performed one Vehicle Identification Number inspection, responded to one false alarm and one accidental 911 call, and:

On March 17 responded to a false report from an East Street resident of a person sitting on her car.

On March 18:

• Sent one of the department Drug Recognition Experts to help state police with a possible driving-under-the-influence case.

• Checked out a report of a disabled vehicle on Main Street, but it was gone.

• Responded to a complaint of two partially dressed children yelling out of a Main Street residence window and were told by a mother that it was one child who was shouting at his father outside.

• On March 20 dealt with a downed power line on Main Street. Police said they believe a delivery truck caused the damage, and they are trying to track down the driver.

• On March 21 stored a portable electric metal grinder that a citizen found in the road on South Water Street.

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