Vergennes Police Log: Thefts, cats, chases keep police busy

VERGENNES — Vergennes police dealt with a variety of incidents between May 4 and 10, including chasing down a suspect for the Vermont State Police, investigating a retail theft, calming a fracas in a store’s parking lot, handling a dispute about wayward house cats, and dealing with an alleged drunk-driving case. 

As well as conducting 15 motorized and one foot patrol and participating in nightly clang-and-bang parades, during those seven days Vergennes police: 

On May 4:

•  Checked on a city resident who was reported to be experiencing emotional distress due to health issues; police determined she did not plan to harm herself. 

•  Investigated the theft of merchandise off the shelf of Kinney Drug Store, an incident that remains under investigation.

On May 5:

•  Assisted Addison County Superior Court with case expungements.

•  Helped a motorist get into a locked car on Main Street.  

•  Looked into a report of keys being stolen from a vehicle parked on Main Street.

•  Provided traffic control at a pedestrian fatality at the New Haven intersection of Route 7 and Town Line Road, acting on behalf of Vermont State Police.

On May 7:

•  Went to Hillside Acres after hearing a report of a resident’s cats being trapped and taken to the Addison County Humane Society. Police spoke to the individual who was trapping the cats and were told he was doing so because the cats were killing the birds his elderly mother likes to watch, and urinating and defecating under his mother’s front porch. Police told the owner of the cats not to allow them to run loose outside.

•  Responded to the area of Route 7 and Lime Kiln Road in New Haven on behalf of state police to check a report of a vehicle that had gone off the roadway, after which the operator ran from the scene. Police canvassed the area and were told by a worker he had seen the suspect; the worker then led officers to the residence, where the suspect was taken into custody. City police then aided state police further by supplying a Drug Recognition Officer to evaluate the suspect.

•  Warned people not to toss cigarette butts at Macdonough Drive Park after responding to a report of littering. 

•  Went to West Main Street after being told a metal washer, 2-3 inches in diameter, had apparently flown off a passing vehicle, through two panes of glass and a window screen, and onto a woman’s living room floor. Police said the origin of the washer was unknown and there were no injuries.

•  Helped state police by responding to Little Chicago Road in Ferrisburgh, where a woman in her yard said a man on a bicycle made her feel uncomfortable. Police identified the man and concluded he did not pose a threat.

On May 8: 

•  Responded to a report that someone had driven away from the Small City Market without paying for $74.92 in gasoline. Police contacted the man who had pumped the gas and were told he was unaware his card had not worked, and he returned and paid his bill.  

•  Dealt with a minor parking issue on South Maple Street.

On May 9: 

•  Responded to a report of a suspicious white pick-up truck with a “Russell” logo taking pictures of a South Maple Street home; it was gone when police arrived. 

•  Dealt with a minor two-vehicle accident on Thomas Circle.  

•  Went to the Dollar Store parking lot in Ferrisburgh after being told of five women fighting in the parking lot; police said they separated the combatants and assisted state police upon their arrival.

•  Checked a report of a man working on a vehicle in the Panton Road business parking lot. The man told police his vehicle had broken down, he was fixing it, and he would be on his way shortly

•  At a Panton Road traffic stop cited Linda Lafountain, 57, of Vergennes for refusal of testing for driving under the influence. 

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