Vergennes Police Log: Truck parked because of unsecure load

VERGENNES — On Jan. 28 Vergennes police ticketed a truck driver hauling crushed cars north on Route 22A after being told parts from the cars — including pieces as large as a hood — were flying off the back of his truck and threatening other vehicles.

City police stopped the driver on Main Street and said he “acknowledged his vehicle was losing pieces as he drove.”

As well as ticketing the driver for hauling an unsecured load, police said they grounded the vehicle until its load could be safely wrapped with security netting. 

Between Jan. 25 and 31, Vergennes police also conducted 16 cruiser patrols, ticketed two cars left out overnight on city streets in violation of the city’s wintertime parking ban, and:

On Jan. 25 checked the welfare of an elderly Booth Woods resident and learned he had been hospitalized.

On Jan. 26 cited Jason H. Dukette, 41, of Panton for alleged retail theft of sleep medication from Kinney Drug Store off Monkton Road.

On Jan. 27:

•  Responded to the untimely death of an elderly man at his Comfort Hill residence.

•  Investigated the evening-hours reported theft of an envelope of change from a motor vehicle on West Main Street. Police said the vehicle was left unlocked, and the incident is under investigation.

On Jan. 28:

•  Tried to contact a Main Street resident who was alleged to have threatened to kick the complainant’s dog’s teeth in because it had barked at him. Police said they will continue to try to reach the man who made the threat.

•  At the station participated in a Zoom meeting with members of Project Vision North.

•  Went to the Panton Road and West Main Street area after a report of a male driving a moped without a helmet. Police couldn’t find him, but said they know who it was and plan to track him down to discuss safety.

On Jan. 30 checked the welfare of a Main Street resident, who told police he had been sleeping with his phone off when the complainant had tried to call him.

On Jan. 31 spoke to a despondent and drunken man on Main Street, but were unable to convince him to go with the Vergennes Area Rescue Squad for medical care.

•  Were told a man was lying on an East Street sidewalk during the early morning hours, but were unable to locate anyone.

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