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Fear not, my fellow liberals: Donald Trump is a one-term president. If you believe, as I do, that anyone who says they know what will happen in the 2020 presidential election actually has no idea what will happen, then you can happily ignore the first sentence of this column. But if you endlessly speculate about November, then this one is for you. And for all of us who lose sleep over the fact that Donald Trump is still president. Sometimes we lose sleep over Trump’s personal failings — the incoherent rambling; the personal attacks on women, journalists, decorated military veterans, and even...
We should all be grateful for those courageous congressmen, including our own three, that voted to impeach and convict the despicable idiot who has soiled the White House and has been on a crusade to destroy our values. We should thank those who have spoken out in exposing his corruption and lies. The Senate, of course, wasn’t able to convict him, due to one of the most flagrant cover-ups in American history by Trump’s Repugnantan lackeys. Now it’s time for someone to, by whatever means possible, end this farcical presidency before he does any more damage to the country. This is urgent! Bruce...
Editor’s note: Sen. Mitt Romney, Republican of Utah, was the only Republican to break with his party and support removing President Trump from office. In doing so, he put his principles above party loyalty to a president whose actions he could not, in good faith, abide.  Such personal character among the people elected to Congress is what has made our democracy function throughout the past 225 years. When the personal character of so many falter in a party and they fall in line with actions that are so obviously corrupt, the systems of checks and balances put in place to rein in would-be...
The one positive thing you can say about Trump’s State of the Union speech is that it had entertaining moments. Trump’s brilliance, if that’s a fitting word, is that he believes in the power of reality TV and brings a larger-than-life version of the presidency into his supporters’ living rooms with the same sort of hysterics and fakery you see on The Real Housewives, Duck Dynasty and Keeping Up with the Kardashians. That his presidency is, therefore, based on lies, deceit, fakery and a complete lack of integrity is what we now know is to be expected. To that point, Trump told an entertaining...
In listening to the impeachment of Donald J. Trump, something just crossed my mind. I hope that every American college and high school student in the United States are having an assembly in the auditorium to watch it on a big screen. I know this will live in part of our lives forever. Some day young people will be future leaders of our country. Sanford Rouse Brandon

MIDDLEBURY COLLEGE'S MATTHEW Dickinson, who has been a professor of Political Science at Middlebury since 2000, doubts the Republican-controlled U.S. Senate will even call witnesses in their trial.
ADDISON COUNTY — Last month, about 150 people gathered in the snow on Cross Street Bridge in Middlebury to call for the impeachment of President Donald Trump. The U.S. House officially impeached the president on Dec. 18, but public opinion across the nation remains split over the proceedings. A Dec. 18 Gallup poll found that 51% of Americans were in favor of impeachment, while 46% were not and 3% had no opinion either way. Although not as polarized as many other corners of the country, Addison County residents have a similar range of opinions. In an online poll of our readers last week, the...
Contrary to Trump’s juvenile tweet in the wake of Iran’s missile attack Tuesday on two U.S. military bases in Iraq that “all is well… so far,” any realistic assessment of America’s position in the Middle East over the past couple of years would outline how much weaker we are today because of this president’s misguided actions. Here’s a rundown: • In May 2018, Trump pulled out of the Iran nuclear deal, which, typically and without a shred of knowledge, he labeled the “worst deal ever.” Susan Rice, the national security adviser from 2013-2017, recalled in an op-ed piece Monday that Trump had “...
Editor’s note: As this country enters a new decade and tries to put the first two tumultuous decades of this new century behind us, Americans face a peril unknown in the country’s 220 year history: a president who would willingly trade our democratic form of government for that of an autocracy, and a Republican Party led by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and U.S.  Attorney General William Barr that would willingly go along. To that end, how the U.S. Senate handles President Trump’s impeachment trial and how American citizens wade through the flood of misinformation and misdirection...

PHOTO BY JASON Duquette-Hoffman
MIDDLEBURY — Around 150 citizens came out in the snow on Tuesday to line both sides of the Cross Street Bridge in Middlebury, hoist signs and tell passing motorists how they felt U.S. Congress members should vote in the historic impeachment of President Donald Trump. The demonstrators, holding and waving a wide range of homemade signs, were greeted by some honks and waves from passing cars and trucks. At least half of the people held a sign, and clearly they were last-minute improvisations — spray paint on cardboard, magic marker on posterboard. Some were more carefully painted with a brush....

A CROWD OF about 150 gathered on Middlebury's Cross Street Bridge on Tuesday afternoon calling for the impeachment and removal of President Donald Trump. Photo by Jason Duquette-Hoffman
In more than 600 protests across the country earlier this week, Americans gathered to express their disapproval of a president who has betrayed the country for his personal benefit, and obstructed justice to prevent a full accounting of his suspected misdeeds. Protests signs led crowds in chants to “Dump Trump” and “Impeach Putin’s Puppet,” while others in red states like Kansas repeated the mantra “Country Over Party,” in a vain hope that some Republican legislators might put the country’s future over the Republican Party’s gambit to retain power by condoning unlawful acts of the president....


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