Molly Gray is exactly the right person that Vermont needs now to be our next Lieutenant Governor — intelligent, grounded in the Vermont experience, but with a level of international exposure that has prepared her to tackle the job. Molly will bring an energy to the job that will highlight the things that need to be done to put Vermont’s business in a great position to succeed. Her experience in the challenging fields of human rights law and humanitarian aid in difficult circumstances for the International Committee of the Red Cross gives her an edge in figuring out how to overcome roadblocks...
I have had the privilege of getting to know Dave Silberman over these last few months. When residents across Vergennes began to discuss what it would mean to have more citizen-involved policing in our beloved city, he quickly became a wise resource, a trusted voice, and a ready ally. It is my honor today to write in support of his candidacy to be our county’s High Bailiff. I have seen up close how he serves this community as a private citizen, and I look forward to seeing his impact amplified as a public official. At his core, Dave understands the value of bringing more people into the...
Phone banking for the election is easier than you think! Bristol resident Sarah Stott walks us through the process in this video by Marin Howell.

BENJY RENTON DELIVERS his ballot in Middlebury. Photo courtesy of Benjy Renton
Secretary of State Jim Condos, the state’s chief election official, has been working hard to make sure that as many Vermonters as possible get to cast ballots in the Nov. 3 General Election. His office and elections officials all around the state have taken steps to get ready for an election during the coronavirus pandemic. “The hard work we have conducted planning and preparing for an election unlike any we have ever experienced will ensure that Vermont voters do not need to choose between their health and their right to vote,” he said. The Secretary of State’s Office sent out Early Voting...

ADDISON COUNTY SHERIFF’S Department Sgt. Mike Elmore is one of three candidates vying for the post of high bailiff on Nov. 3.
ADDISON — Addison County Sheriff’s Department Sgt. Mike Elmore has always loved law enforcement. Politics? Not so much. But he’s nonetheless thrust himself into the local political arena this fall to compete for the position of Addison County high bailiff. Elmore, an independent, is in a three-way race that includes Middlebury Republican (and former high bailiff) Ron Holmes and Middlebury Democrat Dave Silberman. Silberman beat Holmes 3,962 to 2,298 in a Democrat primary runoff on Aug. 11. But Holmes won the most write-in votes in the Republican primary and is repesenting the GOP in the Nov....

SHOREHAM — Shoreham Democrat Ruth Shattuck Bernstein always knew she’d eventually run for the Vermont House. But the timing never seemed right. Three young children to raise, bills to pay. She filed her political quest under “some day.” Well, “some day” is here, and it arrived based on several unanticipated events, according to Bernstein. They include the potential closure of Shoreham Elementary School, ongoing erosion of the state’s farming industry, and, most recently, a decision by fellow Shoreham Democrat Barb Wilson to withdraw from the race to represent the Addison-Rutland district,...

BENSON — At age 76, Richard “Sensei” Lenchus could probably still flatten most men half his age. He’s earned more martial arts awards and titles than just about anyone. But Lenchus, who these days is a professional architect, is now involved in a different kind of clash — in the political arena. And this time he won’t be scored on the number of blows or takedowns he lands. His judges on Nov. 3 will be voters in the Addison-Rutland House district, which Lenchus hopes to represent in Montpelier for the next two years. He’s in a three-person race that includes incumbent Rep. Terry Norris, I-...

ADDISON COUNTY — All of Addison County’s incumbent state senators and representatives will run for re-election Nov. 3. Addison-2 Rep. Peter Conlon is the only one running unopposed. But Millard Cox of Ripton has mounted a write-in campaign. We asked him to answer the same questions we asked the other candidates. Addison-2 encompasses the towns of Cornwall, Goshen, Hancock, Leicester, Ripton, and Salisbury. The questions and Cox’s answers follow:   ******* MILLARD COX   1) Economy. Vermont faces a multi-front threat to its economic wellbeing, including slow sales in many sectors and high...

RETIRED FARMER DAVID Miskell, 72, of Charlotte welcomed the chance to stay politically active and socially distant by taking part in a get-out-the-vote campaign via postcards.
Anyone who has been to a polling place in Vermont on Election Day knows that many of the volunteers who help their fellow citizens cast votes are senior citizens. Well, that was until coronavirus came and public health officials urged everyone — especially seniors — to social distance. “I could understand the reluctance of poll workers to stay away from crowds; that’s a big issue,” said Middlebury resident David Rosenberg, who is nearly 80.  But seniors like David and his wife Jean, 77, still want to be engaged with the election process. “We think things are great in Vermont in terms of safe...
In 2008 I relocated to Brandon from the Boston area for a new job opportunity and change of scenery. I’ve developed roots here by purchasing a home and making friends. One of the first people I met was Stephanie Jerome. We’ve logged many miles together walking and running, talking about work, children, and aging parents. I’m happy that she’s my state representative, but more than that, I’m proud to call Stephanie my friend. Brandon, Pittsford, and Sudbury are fortunate to have Stephanie as our representative in Montpelier and I urge Rutland-6 voters to re-elect her. I’m one of the many...


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