LINCOLN TOWN CLERK Sally Ober bangs the gavel at 7 p.m. to close voting at the town’s outdoor polling place, while volunteer J’Amy Allen looks on.
ADDISON COUNTY — A record number of Vermonters voted in Tuesday’s primary, and the majority of them voted early by absentee ballot. As of Wednesday afternoon, with all but one state district recorded, the Secretary of State’s office reported that 159,701 ballots had been cast in Vermont — 33% more than in the 2016 primary and 48% more than in 2018. Late Tuesday night, the Secretary of State’s Jim Condos and his staff were ebullient. “With 95% of districts in, it appears Vermont voters have shattered the previous primary turnout record AND our amazing election officials have reported results...

Click the PDFs at the end of the story to see Addison County's town by town voting on the governor's race, lieutenant governor's race and high bailiff's race.
ADDISON COUNTY — Addison County voters during Tuesday’s primary elections followed statewide trends in picking Democrat Dave Zuckerman and Republican Phil Scott as their nominees for governor, and Democrat Molly Gray and Republican Scott Milne as the finalists for the post of lieutenant governor. In the Democrat primary for lieutenant governor, political newcomer and assistant Vermont Attorney General Molly Gray won a surprising victory over Senate President Pro Tempore Tim Ashe by winning over 90 percent of the state’s towns and doing well in Chittenden County, where Ashe has been a state...

MIDDLEBURY — Dave Silberman bested fellow Middlebury Democrat Ron Holmes, 3,962 to 2,298, in the only contested primary election in Addison County on Tuesday, for high bailiff. Silberman, an attorney, campaigned on a platform of using the high bailiff’s position as a civilian “check and balance” over the sheriff’s office and to gain a platform to discuss criminal justice issues and drug policy reforms. He will now go on to face independent candidate Mike Elmore, a sergeant with the Addison County Sheriff’s Department (ACSD), in the Nov. 3 General Election. Silberman has raised $7,245 for his...
ADDISON COUNTY — Local candidates vying for state and county offices this fall are off to a slow start in fundraising this year, and it’s pretty obvious why.  The coronavirus pandemic has dramatically curtailed conventional campaigning — including door-to-door stumping and fundraising socials. And it’s also extended the 2020 legislative session, and several incumbents have pledged not to actively ask for cash until the final gavel falls on the state’s business in Montpelier. Candidates for statewide, legislative and local office who spend or raise $500 or more in an election cycle must...
Two takeaways from Vermont’s primary election results seem apparent: 1) name recognition gained through several statewide elections makes it tough for first-time challengers to break-through; 2) those who do break through trumpet the need for change with a clear and prescient message. In the governor’s race, Republican Gov. Phil Scott was never threatened in this primary as he captured 72% to his next nearest challenger, John Klar, at 21%. No surprise there.  Among Democrats, Lt. Gov. David Zuckerman, coasted to victory over challenger Rebecca Holcombe, even though Holcombe outraised and...
With less than three months remaining before Election Day, what do polls tell us about the current state of the presidential campaign? Most high-quality national polls taken within the past few weeks show Joe Biden with a 7-to-9 point lead over Donald Trump. The 538.com average of national polls, which makes adjustments for each poll’s sample size, quality and recency, showed Biden with a 7.8-point lead at the end of last week. This is down slightly from Biden’s largest polling lead of the election cycle, 9.1 points on July 15. Polls also indicate that the most common frame through which...
ADDISON COUNTY — The following is a series of thumbnail sketches of the gubernatorial candidates who will square off in Primary elections on Tuesday, Aug. 11.  Information was culled from the candidates’ websites, and/or other online media sources. Candidates are profiled here in alphabetical order. Since Vermonters can vote in only one party’s Primary, we separated the candidates by party. DEMOCRATS Ralph Corbo, Wallingford Democrat. Corbo is a former U.S. Postal worker and an activist. In addition to running for governor, he is also challenging U.S. Rep. Peter Welch in the Aug. 1 Democrat...

MIDDLEBURY — Ron Holmes has met a ton of people during a more-than-40-year career in law enforcement, security, paving and automotive repair. He’s a personable guy. Now Holmes, 65, hopes those decades of chance interactions will pay dividends in Tuesday’s primary elections, when he and fellow Middlebury Democrat Dave Silberman will vie for the chance to advance to the Nov. 3 General Election that will decide the county’s next high bailiff. The primary winner will face independent candidate Mike Elmore, a sergeant with the Addison County Sheriff’s Department (ACSD). Few would have thought, at...
It’s normal to have several candidates vying for the two top offices in the state during every primary. But typically the two major party candidates are well known and the primary serves as a warm-up to the General Election.  For Democrats, this year is an exception. In the race for governor, Democratic candidate Rebecca Holcombe, a former Secretary of Education under Gov. Shumlin who also served during the first term under Republican Gov. Phil Scott, is running a competitive campaign against two-term Lt. Gov. David Zuckerman. She brings an expertise in education to the job, while also having...
David Zuckerman envisions a Vermont for All where everyone is an honored guest at the table. Women are secure in their right to choose and in their right to earn fair pay. People of Color lead us in facing and dealing with implicit bias. Native People show us how to understand that colonization hurts everyone. LGBTQIA means that love is love. People with Disabilities teach us what they need to become independent. New Americans are proud of and respected for their valued work and creative enterprises. If you share this vision, vote David Zuckerman for Governor. Marielle Blais Brandon


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