Emerson Lynn

The Legislature has before it — at long last — a proposal to address the solvency of the state’s pension system. There is nothing in the proposal for anyone to like. It’s full of pain and regret and expense. It’s the embodiment of what happens when a problem is recognized but its solution is deferred. For decades. The proposal unveiled by the House Government Operations committee essentially follows the recommendation by state Treasurer Beth Pearce, who said in January there was little choice but to ask retirees to work longer, pay more, and to receive less in retirement. With $5.6 billion in...
Sen. Ruth Hardy, D-Addison, has introduced a bill to create a Community College Scholarship Program that would provide tuition-free scholarships for Vermont residents attending CCV. It would, from the outset, require a $6 million appropriation. It’s a small amount of money that would yield profound benefits at a variety of levels, and it would be an investment whose returns would likely dwarf the upfront costs. It also checks a lot of boxes when it comes to the demographic challenges outlined in the governor’s State-of-the-State speech last week. The first thing to understand is that Vermont’...

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