MIDDLEBURY — Middlebury College’s initial plan for reopening its campus this fall, which was released on Monday (read the story here), has so far garnered mixed reviews. “It’s tricky because things are in flux and the picture is still coming into focus,” said Liza Sachelli, director of the Mahaney Arts Center (MAC). “I was grateful to read President (Laurie) Patton’s announcement, but there are many questions left unanswered.” Sachelli has been impressed with the transparency of the process that led up to the decision to reopen this fall, she said, especially when compared with the way...
MIDDLEURY — While the 2019–2020 academic year ended for most Vermont students just last week, Addison Central School District officials are already busy studying how in-person classes could be reconvened in ACSD buildings this fall. Gov. Phil Scott ordered public schools shuttered in mid-March due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This forced districts to quickly develop distance-learning curricula to carry students through the balance of the spring 2020 semester. Scott announced on June 10 that the state’s public schools should be able to open this fall under guidelines that his administration was...
Should colleges and universities resume in-person, on-campus instruction this fall? Leaders of most higher education institutions say they plan to do so, while adding that their decisions will be largely driven by public health considerations.  A few institutions are taking a different approach. The California State University system, with more than 400,000 students on 23 campuses, has announced that almost all instruction will be offered remotely in the fall. Four other universities — Harvard, Princeton, Stanford and the University of California at Berkeley — have advised their faculty and...
As a native Vermonter, I am no stranger to the beauty of fall. Just as I delight in the opening of an early spring flower or the first dusting of light snow, I continue to be awestruck by the autumnal display of our tree friends. Each year they gift us with a month-long fireworks finale and smile at our ceaseless “oohs and aahs.” This year’s show has felt particularly ablaze. On more than one occasion, my routine ride from Vergennes to Middlebury has caused me to abandon my planned excursions, and instead join various flatlanders on the roadside, as we attempt to capture a bit of nature’s...

'LIGHT RING' BY Bruce White (foreground) acts both as a work of art and a window onto its surroundings. In the middle distance John Clement’s “Hot Tamale” coils into itself, while Peter Lundberg’s 30-foot, 60,000-pound “Leap of Faith” seems to hold up the sky. Independent photo/Christopher Ross
SHOREHAM — Every July, when the Lemon Fair Sculpture Park in Shoreham opens for public use, the fine summer light seems to clarify every detail of the large-scale artwork gathered there. Colors pop. Reflective surfaces sparkle. Dark shadows emphasize density and weight. The art seems to stand out from the landscape. Three months later, however, the park tells a very different story. “Autumn everything changes,” said Frank Ittleman, who owns, curates and maintains the park with his wife, Elaine. “The woods offer a more variegated background and the autumn light has more subtle tones to it. The...
From mid-September to mid-October, Vermont’s Green Mountains transform into a vibrant landscape of gold, red, yellow and orange. It’s the ultimate fall foliage destination, with over one million visitors traveling to Vermont in the month of October alone. Here they capture memories while enjoying Vermont specialty products and attractions with mountain vistas, picturesque lakes, classic New England villages and countryside ablaze with color. While Vermont tourism is thriving and our brand is strong, visitor impacts go beyond lifetime memories and Instagrammable moments; last year, visitors...

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