Field Days

COW WHISPERER SAMUEL Wilbur, 11, of Whiting gets an earful from his Brown Swiss cow, Destiny, waiting for the 4-H dairy conformation class during the 2019 Addison County Fair and Field Days in New Haven. Independent photo/Steve James
NEW HAVEN — With a wink and a nod, anyone who’s lived around these parts for a while will acknowledge that our beloved Addison County Fair & Field Days is engaged in an epic annual struggle with the weather gods. On one hand — the positive one — heavy rains might scatter crowds into nearby tents and buildings, where perhaps they’ll get to experience magical moments they hadn’t known to look for. Less helpful is when such weather prompts, among other things, the deployment of tractors to help visitors extract their cars from the muddy parking lot. But as they say in show biz, “The show...
NEW HAVEN — The results of the draft horse competitions at the 2019 Addison County Fair and Field Days is as follows. Showmanship 13 & Under: 1. Jack, Fox Hollow Movers, Cameron Utter; 2. Jay, Fox Hollow Movers, Cameron McNiel. Showmanship 14-18: 1. ux, Cedar Hedge Clydesdales, Ryley DuBois; 2. Ranger, Pools Brook Belgians, Hannah Hulchanski; 3. Morrisville Unknown 2, Morrisville College, Claire Ross; 4. Morrisville Unknown, Morrisville College, Grace VanGorder. Mares, 2 Years: 1. SR Cindy’s Brooke, Sugar ridge Rv Village, Kirk Fenoff. 2. Bailey, Cedar Hedge Clydesdales, Corey Barnes....
NEW HAVEN — The following were recognized in the Children’s Barnyard Displays at Addison County Fair and Field Days. ATTENDED DISPLAYS Child — Under 8: 1. Natalie Layn, Quail; 2. Noah Sheldrick, Rabbit; 3. Timmy Wright, Ducks; 4. Abel Sheldrick, Chicken; 5. Henry Sheldrick, Chicken; 6. Noah Sheldrick, Chicken; 7. Able Sheldrick, Chicken; 8. Henry Sheldrick, Chicken. Youth — 9-13: 1. Hailey Roberts, Mini Donkeys;  2. Tristan Warner, Rabbit; 3. Tucker Wright, Ducklings; 4. Trevor Wright, Ducks; 5. Wyatt Kennett, Ducks; 6. Kyle Clark, Chicken; 7. 3-way Tie — Sadie Hunt, Star Hotchkiss and Willow...

THE HORSE FIND Her N Keep Her appears to think that being named Open Advanced Beginner Champion at Addison County Fair and Field Days last week is no big deal, but rider Joleigh Bradford of Middlebury is appropriately excited. Independent photo/Steve James
NEW HAVEN — The following were recognized in the horse shows at the 2019 Addison County Fair and Field Days. Monday, Aug. 5 4-H Beginner Pony: Champion, Sage Stevers and Dukes of Hazzard 4-H Advanced Beginner Horse: Champion, Randy Cameron and One Hot Bob; Reserve Champion, Fallon Bataille and Winter Stark. Open Beginner Pony: Champion, Boston Wilbur and Duncan. Open Beginner Horse: Champion, Binti Bangoura and Enchanted; Reserve Champion, Naria Audet and Maxxed Out; 2nd Reserve Champion, Hannah Genreau and Dirty Harry. Open Advanced Beginner Pony: Champion, Rylee Layn and Hot Coco. Open...

BRANDON’S CARTER BUZZELL gets his competition face on in an age 5-and-younger bout during the armwrestling competition at Addison County Fair an Field Days on Friday. A total of 84 kids competed; Buzzell was third in his division. Independent photo/Steve James
NEW HAVEN — After several years competing in the armwrestling competition at the Addison County Fair an Field Days, Shawn Webber found his groove at the annual show of strength last week. After earning a couple third-place finishes in 2017 and a couple seconds last year; this past Friday evening Webber pulled to four victories at the main show tent. He earned victories in the men’s right-handed 198-pound and 220-pound divisions, plus the men’s left-handed 198- and 220-pound divisions. On the women’s card, two women dominated their weight classes. One of them was a familiar face: Jessalyn “...

Are we on yet? Colin Foster, 15, of Middlebury, anxiously waits with his brown Swiss cow before the 4-H dairy conformation class at the Addison County Fair and Field Days in New Haven on Tuesday. Independent photo/Steve James
Last week’s Addison County Fair and Field Days was filled with a thousand little stories — more than can be recounted in one newspaper. We present here a few snapshots from the New Haven fairgrounds to give you a taste of our annual agricultural fair. Click on the links to read some stories from the fairgrounds. Hair spray on a cow and other Field Days grooming tips Field Days barbecue couple brings a backstory Little cow handler carries on a family tradition at Field Days Farmers-to-be learn the value of work during Field Days prep Maple in every form is a family specialty at Field Days...

AISLYNN FARR OF Richmond cleans and preps her Ayrshire heifer “Cheerio” for the 4-H Showmanship Competition at Field Days on Thursday. Independent photo/Benjamin Glass
NEW HAVEN — Aislynn Farr shook-up an aerosol can of livestock skin conditioner and sprayed a few strokes on the side of her Ayrshire “Cheerio.” “This stuff is for the shine,” the 18-year-old explained. “You use it to highlight the cow’s ribs, kind of like contouring a person’s face with makeup.” As part of the 4-H Showmanship Class Competition on the third day of the Addison County Fair and Field Days last week, competitors like Farr were busy cleaning and grooming their heifers before the showcase. In an event judged on the presentation of their animals, 4-H’ers will spend days making sure...

JOHN AND JUDY BAKER prepare a plate of ribs, potatoes and coleslaw for a hungry customer at their English Barbeque stand at Field Days. Independent photo/Nora Peachin
On a hot summer day at Addison County Fair and Field Days, John Baker got down on one knee on the back stoop of his barbeque stand and proposed to his partner, Judy. Fast-forward 15 years, and the (now-married) couple is still serving up barbeque out of the same stand at Field Days and other fairs around Vermont and New Hampshire. The relationship had a little bit of a rocky start. Judy quit her job managing thrift shops in her native England to move to the United States, with encouragement from John’s older brother. John was tasked with picking her up at Newark (N.J.) International Airport,...

SHOREHAM EIGHT-YEAR-OLD Ava Wood flashes a big smile with her calf, Alice (named for her late great-grandmother), after winning a competition. Her great-grandfather Victor (Alice’s husband) watches proudly in the white hat in the background. Photo courtesy of Gail Wood
Eight-year-old Ava Alice Wood from Shoreham showed a big smile when she took first place in her dairy Showmanship class at Field Days this past Thursday, Aug. 8. The date was a particularly significant one for the New Haven 4-H club member. Aug. 8 marked the anniversary to the day that her great-grandmother Alice Condon Quesnel passed away unexpectedly and peacefully at her home at the age of 89. Quesnel passed away the day after attending the Addison County Gospel Choir performance at Field Days — an annual performance that she looked forward to each year. Alice was a farm wife and a 4-H...

FRIENDS TANNER BURNS, left, Avery Carl, Tucker Wright and Joseph Bergevin climb one of the vintage tractors in front of the tractor pad at Field Days. Independent photo/Nora Peachin
A gang of four middle-school-age boys climb the antique tractors sitting next to the Tac-O’ the Town truck, laughing and discussing tomorrow’s 4-H competition. It will be Avery Carl’s first year participating. The friends decide to head over to the barn, to check in on Avery’s cows. The team hitches a ride on the courtesy shuttle. “We’ll need a ride after to the ‘Are you a good person?’ stand,” Avery let the driver know, referring to a tent where people talk about religion. “I’m supposed to be picking up elderly people,” the driver replied with a laugh after dropping the boys at the barn. “We...


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