fish hatchery

There have been occasional years when, for one reason or another, I didn’t make it down to the fish hatchery off Route 53 in Salisbury. This was not one of those years. The hatchery, more accurately known as a “fish culture station,” has become one of my favorite local attractions. Opened in 1931 (before my parents were born), it is listed in the National Register of Historic Sites. It’s also a vital part of the state’s hatchery program. Although you might not realize it from a casual look around, the biologists and technicians who run it make innovative and continually adapting use of...
SALISBURY — Budget builders in the Vermont House have agreed to a funding plan that would grant the Salisbury Fish Culture Station a reprieve until at least 2022. The plan also includes money to study and possibly improve the hatchery’s water discharge system, which could further extend the life of a facility that needs to comply with new federal environmental standards in order to continue operations. The funding plan, as endorsed by the House Appropriations and Ways & Means committees, is in part contingent on a $2 increase in both the state’s hunting and fishing license fees, as well...

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