Frances L. Stone

I was taken quite by surprise while watching the NBC news at 6:30 p.m. on Oct. 3. There was a human interest story about a boy and his doll that perked me right up and my very first thought was, “My gosh, they have finally caught up with me — 59 years later. Sure took long enough.” And my next thought as they moved into an ad before the story was, “I wonder what they will say?” I had my four children, three boys and a girl during the 1960s raising them through the 1970s into adulthood in the 1980s. I was called, not by choice, one of those back to nature flower people. I was just being me,...
Abraham Lincoln sat peacefully in the National Lincoln Memorial. A tear drop fell. Our National Statue of Liberty stood peacefully on our NYC shore. A tear drop fell. The tanks rolled in. The Lincoln Memorial was blocked. We could not sit on the steps. A tear drop fell. We could not quietly walk up to Lincoln as he peacefully sat and watched over our capital. As he looked down our National Mall that was made for and is for all of us, As he shared the stage with Martin Luther King who had a dream, As he listened to Marian Anderson sing “America”, A tear dropped from Lincoln and from Lady...

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