Garden Game 2016

Middlebury Agway presents the

2016 Garden Game  We love to see fresh faces and new participants, as well as gardeners who have been playing for years. 

• Beets (circumference) Sarah Tetzlaff & Naria Audet, Orwell - 18" • Broccoli (diameter)  Kelley Mills, Pittsford - 12" • Cabbage (circumference) • Cantaloupe (circumference) • Carrot (length x circumference) Gary Miller, Middlebury - 15.5" by 3.75" • Cauliflower (diameter) • Cucumber (length x circumference) Denise Gibeault, Shoreham - 11" by 8" • Eggplant (circumference x circumference) • Green Bean (length) • Onion (circumference) • Potato (length x circumference) • Pepper (circumference x circumference) • Pumpkin (circumference x circumference) • Radish (circumference) David Quenneville, Whiting - 10.25" • Rutabaga (circumference) • Summer Squash (length x circumference) • Sunflower (diameter) • Tomato (circumference) • Turnip (circumference) • Zucchini (length x circumference) 


GARDEN GAME RULES Entries must be home grown in the greater Addison County area • Only produce brought to the Addison Independent office between Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm will be eligible • Weekly front runners will be listed in the “Garden Game” column until another contestant provides a larger sample of that produce category (The largest entries as of Thursday noon deadline will be the front runners listed in that Monday’s edition) • One winner per category • Judges have final word• First place winners will be announced at sign of first frost.

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