Greg Dennis

A friend who works in academia told me that, having gained the job security of tenure, they have decided to write less about stuffy intellectual topics and more about low-brow subjects. (1) An added advantage to my friend’s new writing approach: They don’t have to cite their sources. (2) Which got me to thinking about — and being grateful for — the fact that columns don’t require footnotes. (3) Either you trust a columnist enough that they don’t have to list their sources, or you’ve decided they’re an idiot and you don’t care. But what would it be like, I wondered, if a column had not just...
The old joke goes that the only time you need to lock your car doors in Vermont is during the summer, because if you leave your car unlocked someone will fill it with extra zucchini from their garden. Now there’s a new plant that’s becoming just as common. Of all the things I thought I’d never see in this life — gay marriage, the Red Sox and Cubs winning the World Series, Donald Trump as president — legal marijuana tops the list. Yet here we are over a decade into medical marijuana legalization and nearly two years into Vermont’s one-of-a-kind experiment with legal reefer. I grew up when pot/...
In the race against time that is the worldwide effort to avoid the worst of climate change, there’s a lot to despair. Sometimes it seems every day brings more bad news about the seeming inevitability of global heating, food shortages and chaotic mass migrations. But for today, let’s look on the bright side.  A week of walkouts, rallies and other public events begins this Friday, Sept. 20, with the global climate strike. It will be the biggest-ever day of climate action.  If there is a day when we can begin to turn things around toward a safer and more stable world, it would be a good idea for...
President Trump and his MAGA cult claim to hate social media. Liberals worry that it’s stealing their privacy. The El Paso mass murderer used it to spread lies he had read online about an “invasion” at our southern border. Older folks say they’re baffled by “Tweeter” and use Facebook only so they can communicate with their grandchildren. Social media has a bad reputation. And it’s getting worse. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been forced to explain how his social media empire allowed Russian trolls to help swing the election to Trump. The president himself uses Twitter for anti-Semitic...
It’s said that the best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second-best time to plant a tree? Today. So it is with climate change. If our society had decided 20 years ago to do something substantial about climate change, we would be much safer now. The transitions required today would not be so massive nor the timetable so short. But it’s not 1999. So while the opportunities are bigger, so too are the challenges. So big that the latest U.N. reports warn we have just 10 years to cut the entire planet’s emissions of greenhouse gases in half. And if we don’t? We’re facing a world of...
There’s a new parlor game among progressives these days, a question we often ask each other: Do you have a favorite candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination? Let’s call it “Worried Liberals Frantically Search for a Credible Candidate Who Won’t Sell Them Out.” But it’s challenging to find a favorite among the approximately 75 hopefuls. I find especially it difficult to pick a favorite because I myself am a declared candidate for president. Official Campaign Slogan until I think of a better one: “My Ass is Grass Again,” because it allows me to economically reuse any “MAGA” hats...
Regarding the article “A late bid for the presidency” by Gregory Dennis, published June 27: Thank you! Thank You, Mr. Dennis and the Addison Independent, which facilitated this via publication. Since the tragic and sorrowful incident and picture of a young father enveloping his toddler daughter with his t-shirt consequently drowning, I have been tearing up and at times uncontrollably shaking and crying. Mr. Dennis’ article superbly evoked laughter, giggles and more. Again, thank you for sharing this with your readers at large. And please keep them coming. Princess Montpelier Middlebury


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