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I have had the privilege of getting to know Dave Silberman over these last few months. When residents across Vergennes began to discuss what it would mean to have more citizen-involved policing in our beloved city, he quickly became a wise resource, a trusted voice, and a ready ally. It is my honor today to write in support of his candidacy to be our county’s High Bailiff. I have seen up close how he serves this community as a private citizen, and I look forward to seeing his impact amplified as a public official. At his core, Dave understands the value of bringing more people into the...

ADDISON COUNTY SHERIFF’S Department Sgt. Mike Elmore is one of three candidates vying for the post of high bailiff on Nov. 3.
ADDISON — Addison County Sheriff’s Department Sgt. Mike Elmore has always loved law enforcement. Politics? Not so much. But he’s nonetheless thrust himself into the local political arena this fall to compete for the position of Addison County high bailiff. Elmore, an independent, is in a three-way race that includes Middlebury Republican (and former high bailiff) Ron Holmes and Middlebury Democrat Dave Silberman. Silberman beat Holmes 3,962 to 2,298 in a Democrat primary runoff on Aug. 11. But Holmes won the most write-in votes in the Republican primary and is repesenting the GOP in the Nov....
I want to express my deep faith in Ron Holmes as candidate for High Bailiff. You may not see his name on too many T-shirts, bumper stickers, or pens around Addison County, but you will see his name everywhere it matters. You will see his name associated with the Porter Hospital Auxiliary, and the National Sheriff’s Association, as he is a member. You will see his name in the N.E. Police Chief Association and WomenSafe, as he is a proud supporter. Ron was born and raised in Addison County, he understands the people and the community. He is not about the hoopla associated with all the gadgets...

MIDDLEBURY — Dave Silberman bested fellow Middlebury Democrat Ron Holmes, 3,962 to 2,298, in the only contested primary election in Addison County on Tuesday, for high bailiff. Silberman, an attorney, campaigned on a platform of using the high bailiff’s position as a civilian “check and balance” over the sheriff’s office and to gain a platform to discuss criminal justice issues and drug policy reforms. He will now go on to face independent candidate Mike Elmore, a sergeant with the Addison County Sheriff’s Department (ACSD), in the Nov. 3 General Election. Silberman has raised $7,245 for his...

MIDDLEBURY — Ron Holmes has met a ton of people during a more-than-40-year career in law enforcement, security, paving and automotive repair. He’s a personable guy. Now Holmes, 65, hopes those decades of chance interactions will pay dividends in Tuesday’s primary elections, when he and fellow Middlebury Democrat Dave Silberman will vie for the chance to advance to the Nov. 3 General Election that will decide the county’s next high bailiff. The primary winner will face independent candidate Mike Elmore, a sergeant with the Addison County Sheriff’s Department (ACSD). Few would have thought, at...
On your upcoming Democratic Primary Ballot, you will see a line for High Bailiff. I urge you to vote for David Silberman for this office. Here’s why. Unlike police officers, under Vermont law, the Sheriff answers to no one but the voters. But there can be a lot of time between elections. So, what happens if the Sheriff is confined, incapacitated, or violates the law? Answer: The High Bailiff steps in. The High Bailiff is the civilian oversight for the Sheriff. For that role, we need someone who is not already part of the Sheriff’s Office, looking to succeed the Sheriff. We need an external...

DAVE SILBERMAN IS running for high bailiff.
MIDDLEBURY — The office of high bailiff has drawn little attention through the years. And why should it? The high bailiff’s limited responsibilities are to serve papers the sheriff is legally incapable of serving, arresting the sheriff if necessary, and acting as sheriff if that person’s office is vacant.  More often than not, the high bailiff goes through an entire term without having to perform any of his or her statutory duties. Most of the county’s past high bailiffs have been sheriff’s deputies. Some have worn the title simply to signal a future run for sheriff. Those are not Dave...

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