MOUNT ABE EIGHTH-GRADERS Hazel Guillmette, left, and Whitney Dykstra of Monkton were so affected by learning about the Holocaust — and so shocked to discover that Vermont students are not required to learn about this dark period of world history — that they embarked on a campaign to make Holocaust learning a part of the state curriculum. Photo courtesy Whitney Dykstra
MONKTON — In January 1945, just months before the Buchenwald concentration camp was liberated by American forces, 16-year-old Jewish prisoner Elie Wiesel lay silently, fearfully in his bunk as his father was beaten to death in the bunk below. Wiesel’s father was one of 6 million victims of the Holocaust, Nazi Germany’s attempt, from 1941 until it was stopped in 1945, to exterminate all of the Jews under its dominion. Elie Wiesel remained silent about his experiences until the mid-1950s. Then the words started pouring out. He would go on to write 57 books, including “Night,” a landmark of what...
WASHINGTON, D.C. — Albert Zaccor of Bridport, a teacher at Mount Abraham Union High School in Bristol, is bringing back lessons designed to engage and promote students’ understanding of Holocaust history from the nation’s leading Holocaust education conference this summer at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. Zaccor was one of 260 participants from all over the country who attended the museum’s annual Arthur and Rochelle Belfer National Conference for Educators, a three-day workshop for teachers hosted by the museum in late July. The 2019 conference is a vital part of the museum’s...

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