Joanna Colwell

In September of 2018, a 30-year-old, off-duty police officer in Dallas, Texas, named Amber Guyger mistakenly entered her neighbor’s apartment, instead of her own. Guyger’s apartment was on the third floor, but she entered the apartment of her neighbor, Botham Jean, who lived one floor above. Botham Jean was relaxing on his couch, watching TV, and eating vanilla ice cream. Amber Guyger may have been distracted because she was upset, as she had been talking to her lover (another police officer, married to someone else), and trying to arrange a meeting that evening. She didn’t notice the bright...
Back in August, WomenSafe marked Advocacy Week by celebrating our fabulous advocates who do so much to support people in our community who are experiencing domestic violence, sexual violence or stalking. WomenSafe dreams of a world where violence against vulnerable people is practically unknown. We want to build a society that is equitable and just, where no one has to feel afraid at home, at work or out in public. We work toward creating this future by educating youth in Addison County schools about consent, gender equality and respectful relationships. But until our beautiful dream comes...
I write regarding the recent editorial by Bill Schubart called “Imagine If Vermont Got Immigration Right.” I appreciate many of the points he made. But I want to draw your attention to the last sentence, “There are those among us who choose to forget that we’re all descended from immigrants.” To my fellow white Vermonters: Please stop saying stuff like this! We are not all descended from immigrants because: 1. Indigenous people are not immigrants. They are the original inhabitants, guardians and protectors of this land that we all live on. 2. Most Black people are not immigrants either. The...
On July 28, I was arrested in Williston, Vt., for blocking a road outside the ICE Data Center. This unassuming brick building is the home of a 24-hour, seven-day-a-week hotline, where United States citizens can report their undocumented neighbors. About 400 Vermont and New York residents work at this data center, and I barely have the words to express my rage at my tax dollars being used to detain, deport, and terrorize families. Some recent New York Times headlines about the concentration camps where immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers are being forcibly detained include “Hungry, Scared...

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