SALISBURY’S OLD TOWN dump recently was capped with calcium carbonate tailings, compost and a mix of conservation plants. One selectboard member said it looks “like a big white half-moon.”
SALISBURY — The town landfill in Salisbury has finally been capped, marking the end of unlined landfills in Vermont.  To protect the environment, Vermonters over the past few decades have been closing their old-fashioned town dumps and sending their trash to lined landfills. After Bristol closed its town dump in 2015, Salisbury’s was the only one left. After two or three years of lobbying to follow suit, Salisbury residents voted to close and cap their town landfill at town meeting last year. The “town dump” on Upper Plains Road stopped taking trash this past Sept. 1 and town officials set up...
SALISBURY — The Salisbury landfill will stop accepting trash on Sept. 1, thus ending its more than 30-year run and its status as the state’s last operating unlined landfill. And while closure plans are going smoothly, Salisbury still needs to find a hauler to run a mini transfer station at the landfill. Residents will then be able to bring their trash and recyclables to the there for transport to the Addison County Solid Waste Management facility in Middlebury. “All of the haulers in Addison County are so busy,” Selectwoman Pedie O’Brien said. “I think a lot of it is that so many people are...

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