Last Resort Farm

SILAS DOYLE-BURR, FRONT left, poses with the crew at Monkton’s Last Resort Farm. At the top of the stack are his parents, Eugenie Doyle and Sam Burr. Doyle-Burr in 2017 signed a lease-to-own deal with them and now runs the farm, while his parents still live on the farm and help him operate it. Photo courtesy of Silas Doyle-Burr
MONKTON — It took a productive, but challenging, two years in the Asian business world for 2005 Mount Abraham Union High School graduate Silas Doyle-Burr to find his true calling — running the Monkton organic farm he grew up on. Along the way, Doyle-Burr, a member of the 2004 Eagle boys’ soccer Division II championship team, found that sports and the lessons they offered helped him along his path.   “There are so many similarities between farming and sports, because failure is pervasive in farming as well. There are so many things out of your control,” said Doyle-Burr, now 33. “You get lucky...

KIANA FRENCH, GREENHOUSE manager at Last Resort Farm in Monkton, sorted purple Peruvian fingerling potatoes for market this past week. Like many farmers around the state, Last Resort faces a number of uncertainties because of the coronavirus pandemic. Photo courtesy of Silas Doyle-Burr/Last Resort Farm
MONKTON — Like farmers everywhere right now, Silas Doyle-Burr of Last Resort Farm in Monkton is struggling with a lot of uncertainty as the coronavirus pandemic unfolds. “We’re really just getting started in terms of growing,” he told the Independent Wednesday morning. “We have greens in our greenhouses and we’re doing micro-greens. We have value-added products and still have some roots in storage.” The Burlington Farmers Market closed its March and April events, which has left Last Resort with fewer options for selling its produce. And yet, Doyle-Burr explained, “We’ve seen a significant...

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