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I just read Christopher Ross’s piece on mask wearing in Bristol. I agree with the wearing of masks in public. It is such a simple and proactive measure to take and agree it should have been mandated long ago, but understand our governor’s position, too.  What I don’t understand is what in the 2nd Amendment gives the right for someone to wear a gun into a Laundromat, of all places. Shocked, dismayed and horrified don’t begin to express how I really feel about it. I lived in Philadelphia (in a very dicey neighborhood) for 25 years and never felt the fear I feel today. CG Duff Middlebury
I am not a resident of Vergennes, nor even Vermont. I live in the small Western Massachusetts town of Worthington, population approximately 1,100 — slightly less than half the size of Vergennes, which I now understand is classified as a “city” no less, a designation that is a bit presumptuous in my estimation. I have use of a family cottage on Lake Dunmore that has been in the family for almost a century, and my wife and I enjoy patronizing a number of the excellent restaurants in your fair “city.”  I choose to live in a small town to avoid the pettiness of local officials who presume to be...
When Chief Hanley stated, “I reject completely the notion that Middlebury PD engages in systemic racism and I’m not going to engage in a debate over it,” in a previous article (“‘Defund the police’ arrives in Middlebury,” 6/25/20), it further confirms that evidence of systemic harm done by the police is erased and not given the  proper attention it deserves. The Middlebury Police is part of the whole policing system. It needs to be understood by Middlebury residents, the Middlebury Police Department (MPD), and Chief Hanley that MPD is part of the system and that the system is inherently...
On your upcoming Democratic Primary Ballot, you will see a line for High Bailiff. I urge you to vote for David Silberman for this office. Here’s why. Unlike police officers, under Vermont law, the Sheriff answers to no one but the voters. But there can be a lot of time between elections. So, what happens if the Sheriff is confined, incapacitated, or violates the law? Answer: The High Bailiff steps in. The High Bailiff is the civilian oversight for the Sheriff. For that role, we need someone who is not already part of the Sheriff’s Office, looking to succeed the Sheriff. We need an external...
While all the candidates in the Lt. Governor’s race have made positive contributions to our public life, I will be supporting Brenda Siegel in the upcoming Democratic primary. In my mind, Brenda has shown her commitment through her life’s work and consistent advocacy for key policies that would achieve greater economic security, social justice and environmental sustainability for Vermonters. Brenda understands that even before our pandemic, it was not acceptable for almost 40% of Vermonters to be either uninsured or underinsured, struggling with out-of-pocket costs that deter them from...
Editor’s note: The writer responds to an item in the July 30 edition of the Independent with a poem. From “Statement on Hacking Incident at Middlebury Selectboard Meeting” July 28: “For the second time in as many weeks the Town has been confronted with the ugly reality of racism. As leaders of this community, we stand with them and with one voice denounce all such acts of intolerance and the malicious persons who commit them.” The ugly reality of racism   is your asking me where I’m from and not taking New York for an answer is the foreigner status bank form you unquestioningly asked me to...
“Never, ever be afraid to make some noise and get in good trouble, necessary trouble.” — John Lewis, 2018 Good Trouble 1960, Nashville You, John, just twenty years old How dared you demand a seat at that color-sensitized counter? Your skin, the tone of dignity and courage Bloodied and bruised By white segregationists’ moral anemia Arrested. Jailed. That day, John, you got in good trouble. A year or so later Rock Hill, South Carolina One of thirteen Freedom Fighters You strode into that train station’s waiting room Ignoring the required ticket —white skin Beaten, bludgeoned, nearly to...
As children get ready to return to school, I am reminded of my family counseling work after 9/11. Kids came to school following that horrific day carrying tremendous trauma and stress with them. Not surprisingly, they used phrases and drew pictures much like their parents described to explain their own despair. It became clear that children needed to hear less TV news coverage of 9/11 and also the adult conversation about the event. Parents needed to self-monitor their own discussions about their fears with other adults in front of their children. Topics of terror needed to be changed to...
Such a terrible accident. They are lucky to be alive. In Florida, where we recently moved from, Florida Power and Light (FPL) has been in the process of replacing all wooden poles with cement poles on all major highways. Due to high hurricane winds, they can withstand greater pressure from the elements than wooden poles and the centers do not rot. I think GMP should look into these as highway projects are relocating poles during the widening of roads or upgrading. Mahlon Conner Leicester
As deaths from COVID-19 continue to climb and many states backtrack on efforts to reopen their economies, the Trump administration has motioned toward developing a vaccine at “warp speed.” To date, the federal government has funneled over $10 billion into Operation Warp Speed with the goal of 300 million doses of a vaccine by January. However, diseases do not respect borders. Generating and administering a vaccine with speed rather than effectiveness in mind could, best-case-scenario, leave one in ten American residents unvaccinated and vulnerable to a deadly virus that is not going away...


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