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Given the severity of the COVID-19 crisis at home, it can be easy to forget that a pandemic is an inherently global issue. As much pain as the pandemic has caused nationwide and in our local community, this is not the time to turn inward and ignore the impact this virus is having in lower-income countries worldwide, especially since the stability of the international community is in our interest as Vermonters. COVID-19 presents a significant health risk to people living in communities without access to healthcare and testing, especially in countries already fighting diseases like Tuberculosis...
I was puzzled by the headline on the opinion piece written by Chief Hanley in the June 11 Independent: “Police: Reign in this culture of bigotry.” It didn’t seem to make any sense. After looking at it for a while I realized that simply removing the colon following “Police” would clear things up. I certainly do agree that the police do reign in the bigoted culture. Larry Rogers Brandon Editor’s note: Oops, definitely a typo on that one. Thanks for keeping us honest.  
I received my Economic Impact Payment (EIP) about a week ago in the form of a prepaid debit card, but that was not at all apparent. The envelope it arrived in appeared to be yet another credit card solicitation, including an incorrect last name. I almost tossed it in the trash, which I’m sure many people did, but decided to check online and discovered it was actually our $2,400 stimulus check. When I called the Money Network Cardholder Services, who distributed the EIP, they explained that the government made numerous mistakes with names but would not issue new cards, and it would be fine to...

We flew the American flag in front of our house for years. But, as America became increasingly partisan, we stopped flying it. We devoutly believe in the ideals represented by the flag, but have no truck with the “America, love it or leave it” attitude of many on the Right. We are not flag wavers. But I never felt right about this. What gave these people exclusive rights to our national banner? Didn’t I have an obligation to defend the very idea of America, as defined by Washington, Lincoln and Roosevelt? And there was a bit of family history that inspired me to restore the Stars and Stripes...
I personally want to say thank you to the administration and faculty for everything they did for the graduation on Saturday, June 6. They were so very organized, they all cheered on the graduates as you passed them by, which made them feel special, as they all are special. In these times with the social distancing requirements, graduation seemed like it could be another bleak moment, one these seniors have had to endure, so many times in the last few months of their senior year, missing their last prom, spring sports, academic recognition night, signing yearbooks, and enjoying the last...
Here’s a question for everyone who lives in the Bristol Police District, who are on the hook for funding 90% of the town’s police budget: If there were a question on the ballot that, if approved, would dissolve the Bristol Police District — effectively eliminating local police — would you vote yes or no? Note: According to the document that spelled out terms for merging the town and village in the 1990s, people outside the district do not get to vote on such a question.   Eliminating the police district might not be what we want… But some changes are worth considering. We’ve heard from...
The We of Rayshard Brooks   Isn’t it a privilege to fall asleep in the front seat of your car,   pass out, some nights, from a night of drinking? And not worry.   Not worry you could wake-up dead. Having been found, and not asked just   to move along. Shake off the night. To drive through the drive-through, sober   or drunk from drinking in the stars, through the moonroof. An accessory   you could afford without worrying too much about being   overcharged. Becoming lost in space. Between the black   and white lines in a parking lot. A few spaces reserved for the disoriented.   You could...
Recently I spent a few days in Porter Hospital with a medical episode that had me quite worried. The doctor in the emergency room was very competent and sent me with my diagnosis into the Medical-Surgical unit in the East wing, where I was cared for by a fantastic group of nurses. Not only did they all do an excellent job of monitoring me, drawing blood and administrating the drugs that I needed, but they also did a great job helping me with the stress of my situation. Everyone wore masks, gloves and always used the hand sanitizer, but otherwise they did not hesitate to touch me and use their...
I am able to walk in my neighborhood. Rest in Peace Ezell Ford. I am able to play peacefully in the park. Rest in Peace Tamir Rice. I am able to go grocery shopping. Rest in Peace George Floyd. I am able to relax in my home. Rest in peace Breonna Taylor. I am a white American, and I don’t have to constantly worry that my life might be taken from me based on the color that I wear on my skin.  The American government has not done enough in terms of police reform and interfering with police brutality, especially in black neighborhoods. Neither have they done enough in making sure officers are...
Gov. Scott, the state’s chambers of commerce and even our own Addison County Economic Development Corporation last week and this week have gone on the attack because the state Legislature did not quickly rubber stamp Gov. Scott’s recent proposal for $400 million in economic aid. Here’s a fact check: The $400 million proposal put forward by the Scott administration was well-intended, but devoid of the statutory language needed to make it law. A PowerPoint presentation is not the same as fleshed-out legislation. Further, both the executive and legislative branches are constantly learning about...


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