Letters to the Editor: Removing trees did town a favor

I am responding to your article on May regarding the cutting of trees on Ferrisburgh’s Arnold Bay Road.

My friend and I walk this road often and have seen so many of the trees on both sides of the road dead and leaning toward the road. Seems like the Vorstevelds did the town’s job of taking these down before they fell into the road and made work for the town crew so instead of cutting them up and hauling them away they push them to the side of the road with a loader.

We have noticed these dead trees long before Vorstevelds took them down. I am not sure where Mr. Mix got his count from as I have only seen 90 with silver paint on the stump. Mr. Mix should have checked these trees and the dead ones on the other side of the road a long time ago. If Mr. Mix would walk the length of that road to Spensers he would see what we see. There are fallen trees just hung up on the other trees waiting for a good wind to take them down.

At this time we see the stumps are being removed and the side of the road looks good with the old brush gone. Now there is a clear view of the fields and woods beyond.

If new trees are to be planted maybe they could be of the variety that don’t grow tall with less chance of having to be cut or falling into the road.

Pat Steele & Jim Whitney


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