Lindsey Fuentes-George

A couple of years ago, I posted a question on social media to the effect of, “How do you build community?” It was something I was pondering as I watched what seemed like the destruction of our democracy. I was slowly coming to the realization that democracy is fragile, that it must be nurtured, and that we all need to be serious in our role as its stewards. I received a number of responses to my query, from a variety of people, and they were all a little different. After thinking things over, I realized what they all had in common was that they all required action. Community isn’t something...

MIDDLEBURY — Esther Thomas and Andy Hooper on March 2 will compete for a one-year post on the Middlebury selectboard, while incumbents Lindsey Fuentes-George and Farhad Khan each will run unopposed for three-year terms on the panel. Independent Senior Reporter John Flowers reached out to all four candidates to get a sense of what is motivating them to run, and a glimpse of what they hope to accomplish if endorse by voters on Town Meeting Day. What follows are brief profiles of the four candidates, based on interviews and/or email exchanges. ESTHER THOMAS Esther Thomas moved to Middlebury...

THE FUENTES-GEORGE family of East Middlebury is back on the mend after a collective battle with COVID-19. Pictured here, Kemi and Lindsey Fuentes-George, and their children (left to right) Alban, Bennet and Xavier. Photo courtesy the Fuentes-George family
EAST MIDDLEBURY — Thanksgiving holiday — a time to have a big meal and count one’s blessings. You’ll understand, however, if Thanksgiving 2020 was a little more subdued than usual at the Fuentes-George household in East Middlebury. The entire, five-person family contracted the coronavirus just before Turkey Day and spent the ensuing 10 days in isolation, dealing with varying degrees of nausea, headaches, lethargy, congestion and coughing. But Kemi and Lindsey Fuentes-George and their children Bennet, Alban and Xavier are now thankfully back in good form after experiencing COVID-19 up close...

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