Magicians Without Borders

JANET FREDERICKS AND Tom Verner perform in an orphanage in South India. Since the pandemic hit, the duo’s travel plans have all been canceled. While at home in Lincoln, they have created a 13 session video series on “Becoming a Magician.” This virtual course is available through local libraries and the Town Hall Theater.
Have you ever watched the audience at a magic show? Everyone’s eyes are glued to the performers, their eyebrows are slightly furrowed, mouths agape and their bodies motionless as they try desperately to spot the “trick.” Then — poof! How did she do that? The audience sits back, laughs and relaxes into what we can only assume is magic. Tom Verner and Janet Fredericks of Lincoln bring this kind of happiness all over the world. They are the founders of Magicians Without Borders and have traveled to over 45 countries bringing love, laughter, magic and hope to hundreds of thousands of refugee and...

DURING A RECENT trip to Colombia, Magicians Without Borders founder Tom Verner teaches a young man how to do a trick.
LINCOLN — Tom Verner and Janet Fredericks performed magic at the U.S.–Mexico border last December. Not the kind of magic that allows tired, hungry and fearful refugees to simply waltz across the border to new lives in America. The Lincoln couple, working as Magicians Without Borders, staged a show of sleights-of-hand and humor designed to not only entertain, but also to provide a light of hope in dark circumstances. Since that December trip, U.S. Customs and Border Protection has encountered more than half a million additional migrants hoping to enter the U.S. The vast majority of these...

TOM VERNER OF Magicians Without Borders performs for children around the world. Photo courtesy of Tom Verner
We’ve told this story before, but it never ceases to amaze.  Lincoln residents Tom Verner and Janet Fredericks had traveled to another troubled spot in the world bringing fun, humor and, most important of all, hope and revived dreams, through the power of magic — and we caught up with them to hear the latest.  It’s another in the ongoing saga of Magicians Without Borders, which was founded by Verner 17 years ago, and is told by reporter Christopher Ross on Page 1A in today’s Addison Independent. This time Verner and Fredericks returned in March from their second trip to the nation’s southern...

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