Middlebury Crime Log: White pills found at college dance

MIDDLEBURY — Middlebury police received into evidence some unknown white pills that had been found by a security company that had been monitoring a Middlebury College dance on South Main Street on April 6.

In other action last week, Middlebury police:

•  Continued their investigation on April 1 into an alleged sexual offense in the South Main Street area.

•  Served a no-trespass notice on April 1 on a person not wanted at a Mead Lane residence.

•  Responded to a reported larceny in the Court Street Extension area on April 1.

•  Investigated a report of shots fired in the Cross Street area on April 1. That report proved to be false and the caller was referred to mental health counseling, according to police.

•  Received information about potential illegal drug activity in town on April 1.

•  Assisted Porter Hospital officials with an unruly patient on April 1.

•  Responded, with Middlebury firefighters, to an alleged arson fire at a Middlebury College dorm room on South Main Street on April 1. Investigators determined an unattended candle had caused the small fire.

•  Investigated an accident, with injuries, on Main Street on April 2.

•  Served a no-trespass order on a person who was not wanted at a Court Street residence on April 2.

•  Responded to a domestic disturbance at a Seminary Street residence on April 3.

•  Calmed a man who witnesses said was “acting agitated” on Court Street on April 3. Police said they were able to calm the man.

•  Investigated a reported domestic dispute at a South Pleasant Street residence on April 3.

•  Responded to a report of a suspicious looking person in the Case Street neighborhood on April 3.

•  Alerted the local game warden to a report of barking dogs in the Woodland Park neighborhood on April 3.

•  Served court diversion paperwork to two juveniles who were seen drinking beer in the Adirondack View area on April 4. Police also issued one of the youths a ticket for littering.

•  Were informed of the theft of a catalytic converter from a dump truck parked off Pond Lane on April 4.

•  Investigated an accident, with injuries, in the Exchange Street area on April 4.

•  Received into evidence a homemade bong (a pipe for smoking marijuana) that a teacher had found in the Middlebury Union High School boys’ bathroom on April 4.

•  Responded to a reported dispute between a woman and her ex-boyfriend at a Nashua Lane residence on April 4. The woman told police the man had refused to leave her driveway. Police informed the woman on how to obtain a temporary restraining order against the man.

•  Received a call from an employee of an Exchange Street establishment who said a co-worker had shown up drunk for work on April 4.

•  Placed into the custody of Middlebury College Public Safety two drunken female students who were seen staggering down College Street on April 5.

•  Issued Court Diversion paperwork to a juvenile seen urinating in the College Street area on April 5.

•  Investigated a domestic dispute in the Court Street Extension area on April 5. Police said a woman accused her boyfriend of driving away with her car after an argument.

•  Got mental health counseling for a Cross Street resident who falsely reported a shooting in a nearby apartment on April 5.

•  Investigated a hit-and-run accident involving two vehicles on College Street on April 5.

•  Investigated a reported family dispute at a Seymour Street residence on April 6.

•  Responded to a disorderly conduct complaint in the Wilson Road area on April 6.

•  Responded to a report of gunshots in the South Street Extension area on April 6. Police said two men had been shooting in the area.

•  Investigated a report of two non-students acting disorderly on Middlebury College campus on April 7. Police said one of the youths was issued court diversion paperwork for being a minor in possession of alcohol and a no-trespass order. The other youth was returned to his friend’s dorm room.

•  Responded to a domestic disturbance in the Newton Drive area on April 7.

•  Served court diversion paperwork on a juvenile who was in possession of alcohol on College Street on April 8.

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