MIDDLEBURY —The Vermont Book Shop will celebrate 70 years in business this Dec. 17. To commemorate the occasion, Middlebury’s downtown bookstore will collaborate with John Vincent of A Revolutionary Press to create a broadside of a Robert Frost poem, “A Time to Talk.” This poem speaks to the mission of The Vermont Book Shop as a place for the community to gather and interact with their friends and neighbors. The bookstore will also partner with Sunrise Orchards of Cornwall, to offer free cider on Monday, Dec. 2, a day becoming known as “Cider Monday” — a shop local initiative created by the...
I made a colossal mistake on Tuesday night. Now, after the horror of the mess I made, small bits of comedy filter in… “**it happens,” “this too shall pass.”  To my neighbors on Quarry Road, and those who use the road to travel from Route 116 to Middlebury, I sincerely apologize for forgetting to turn off the PTO that made my manure tanker spew poo far, wide and thick all over the road, your mailboxes, driveways and even my sister’s cat.  I am humbled, terribly embarrassed and remorseful for soiling your property and vehicles. Please forgive me.  Joel Pominville  Quarry Road Farms, Inc. ...
I read with interest “Middlebury readies new traffic plan” in the Nov. 25, 2019, edition. It certainly would have been helpful if there was a map included that depicted the changes described. Actually, with any article that describes a geographic location, a map would be helpful. Doug McKain New Haven
MIDDLEBURY — Middlebury police took a juvenile into custody for driving under the influence of marijuana following a traffic stop on Route 7 North on Nov. 23.  Police obtained a warrant to get a blood sample from the youth. That sample is being analyzed by the Vermont Forensic Lab. In other action last week, Middlebury police: •Investigated a phone-email scam at a Gambrel Court residence on Nov. 20. •Responded to an unlawful mischief complaint at the South Village Green apartment building on Nov. 20. Police believe two juveniles were responsible for damaging and spray painting walls in the...
MIDDLEBURY — The scheduled 10-week closure of Middlebury’s Main Street and Merchants Row is still around six months away, but town officials have already mapped out and approved a plan for temporarily re-routing traffic and reconfiguring parking spaces during what will be a tumultuous construction period for the downtown. Closure of the two key roads is currently slated for May 27 to Aug. 5, during which contractors will be installing a 360-foot-long concrete tunnel that will supplant the Main Street and Merchants Row bridges. That tunnel is the centerpiece of the $72 million project, which...
MIDDLEBURY — Middlebury business owners are hoping to bank a lot of the “green stuff” this holiday season. And we’re not just talking about cash. Local retail boosters are encouraging shoppers, diners and merchants to put more “Middlebury Money” in circulation. Launched around a decade ago, Middlebury Money is a check that can be used for transactions anywhere in Middlebury. It is drawn off a bank account at National Bank of Middlebury that is owned by the Better Middlebury Partnership. The BMP is a civic organization dedicated to the economic vitality of Middlebury’s downtown and the...
Dear Homeward Bound, It’s starting to get cold and I’m worried about my neighbor’s dog. He seems to live outside and I don’t know if that’s okay in the winter. Curious (and worried) Dear Curious and Worried, Thanks for caring about your neighbor’s dog. Unfortunately it is not against the law for a dog to live outside 24/7 in Vermont, but there are requirements about the kind of doghouse there has to be. Furthermore, if the temperature is below 50 degrees, certain kinds of dogs have to be brought inside. According to state statutes, these include: dogs that are not acclimated to the...

MARIO THE MAKER Magician will perform with his handmade robotic creations at Town Hall Theater in Middlebury on Saturday, Nov. 30.
MIDDLEBURY — On Saturday, Nov. 30, Town Hall Theater in Middlebury presents Mario “the Maker Magician” Marchese, a New York-based, touring family performer known for his handmade robotic creations, up-cycled props and new school slapstick character. It’s magic through the lens of the Maker Movement! As seen on “Sesame Street,” “Sprout,” and live on tour with David Blaine, Mario’s show is an upbeat, hilarious and a very interactive experience that leaves children and families inspired to nurture their own creative paths. Blaine calls him “the best kids’ magician in the world!” Show times are 1...
I have known Laura Asermily for many years. While her choice of words in the article published on Oct. 17, 2019, may have been unfortunate, I am certain that they were about the behavior, not the value of the people she was discussing. It’s fair to say that pooping on the Green is bad behavior. If it were my kid doing that, I would fully expect the community to be more than a little grossed out. Regardless of the reason, he was doing it. Having said that, I disagree with any action that “discourages” the homeless from coming to or congregating in our community. It reminds me of “abstinence-...

GOV. PHIL SCOTT listens to Jesse Brooks, director of prevention for the United Way of Addison County, during a discussion of substance-use issues with local kids at the Bristol Hub Teen Center on Monday. Independent photo/Steve James
MIDDLEBURY — Gov. Phil Scott on Monday urged school officials to think more creatively about sharing resources — including school consolidations — amid declining student numbers and rising public education expenses. Scott addressed the prospect of public school closings, the plight of the homeless, water quality and other issues during an interview at the Addison Independent that included several of his top cabinet members, including Education Secretary Daniel French, Natural Resources Secretary Julie Moore and Agency of Human Services Secretary Michael Smith. Scott and his entourage made the...


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