BRISTOL — After looking for Walter Rusch for a week, family of the 63-year-old man found his remains in a wooded area near his Bristol home on Saturday morning, police report. His death does not appear to be suspicious, according to Vermont State Police Detective Sgt. Lauren Ronan. Rusch’s family reported him missing at 5:45 p.m. on Friday, April 16. He was last seen at home overnight Thursday into Friday but was gone by 6 a.m. He is believed to be on foot and might have been spotted walking in downtown Bristol at about 11:30 a.m. on that Friday. Police said Rusch did not take his personal...

NEW HAVEN RESIDENT Ursula Olender welcomes home her dog Tela, who was on the loose for six days last month. Finding the dog was a community-wide effort, including friends, neighbors, fellow dog park users, and work colleagues of Olender and her husband, Jon. The couple also had some help from unusual sources — a dowser who does animal communication work and an unnamed Vermonter who had “insights” about Tela’s location. Paul Dahm, right, and his wife, Carolyn, finally discovered the dog near a swamp on Field Days Road. Photo by Jon Olender
NEW HAVEN — In late August, after their four-year-old English setter, Tela, bolted from a nearby hay field and sallied forth on six days of unknown adventures to undisclosed locations, Ursula and Jon Olender learned what they say was a valuable lesson:  Ask for help and you will receive it. “One of the best pieces of advice we received was to let people help,” Ursula told the Independent. “Don’t do this on your own. Let as many people know as you can, keep updating Facebook, put your posters everywhere, knock on doors.” And it worked. More than 140 people joined a Facebook group called “Find...

MIDDLEBURY — Steve Brown was doing business at the Addison Independent offices a few weeks ago when something caught his eye. A black-and-white photo of a smiling teen on the front page of an Oct. 10 issue of the newspaper. He recognized the face, even though it had been almost 48 years since he had last seen it. It was Lynne Schulze, the Middlebury College student who disappeared from campus on Dec. 10, 1971. “I blurted out, ‘It’s another article about her,’” said Brown, who — like Lynne — was a member of the Middlebury College class of 1975. Unlike Schulze, Brown went on to receive his...

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