Adult mosquito surveillance plays a key role in Brandon Leicester Salisbury Goshen Mosquito District’s Integrated Pest Management Program. Through collection, counting, and identification the district can determine the severity of nuisance mosquito outbreaks. These factors aid in determining which abatement solutions should be employed to reduce mosquito population levels. The district uses the Center for Disease Control (CDC) light traps to collect and monitor adult mosquito populations within Brandon, Leicester, Salisbury, Goshen, Pittsford and Proctor. Developed by the CDC, these portable...
In January, the Salisbury selectboard voted unanimously to separate Salisbury’s payment to the Brandon-Leicester-Salisbury-Goshen-Pittsford Insect Control District (BLSG) into Article 11 on the town meeting ballot. On Election Day, Tuesday, March 3 (Super Tuesday), voters in Salisbury will decide whether to pay $26,371 to BLSG or to receive no mosquito control services. Although there are no new services being offered, BLSG is charging Salisbury 51% more than it did in 2018 ($17,434). While BLSG’s services are sharply increasing in cost, they are decreasing in value. For example, aerial...
BRANDON — Finally, in July, the weather turned and the rain subsided to a more normal level and the Otter Creek went back in its banks. For the month of July, the BLSG pursued the area mosquitoes both as larvae and adults. The larvae sampling continued for seven days in July collecting samples from 85 sites. The “dip counts” were low to zero in many sites, which was encouraging.  However, there were counts of 50 or more larvae, per dip, in two locations in Brandon and 20 or more larvae were found in Mud Pond in Leicester and Spring Pond in Brandon. Pomanville in Pittsford also had a larvae...
A good friend was in touch; her son was enduring allergic reactions to mosquitos and, like any good parent, she sought solutions. I told her that the most practical, non-toxic way to deal with the problem was to consider a mosquito’s lifecycle, and interrupt it where it starts.  Mosquitoes begin their lives in eggs laid singly or in rafts, in most cases on the surface of water. We purchase mosquito egg rafts at Saint Michael’s College to run student experiments with the hatching larvae.  A female mosquito, potentially using your blood or mine for energy, delicately alights on the water to lay...
BRANDON – The rain finally let up and the area enjoyed four of the finest days in memory. The fields are drying and the Otter Creek is receding. Larvae counts during early and mid-June were low. Beginning June 22nd and continuing into July several “hot spots” appeared in several towns. In Leicester (Depot Station and Jerusalam Rd), Brandon (Syndicate Rd, Champlain St) , Salisbury (Swamp Rd) and Pittsford (Pomainville Wildlife Management Area, Depot Hill Rd) where they were very high. Those areas were treated by hand with larvicide. While the dry weather has reduce the wet nesting and hatching...

CRAIG ZONDAG, THE Lemon Fair Insect Control District’s field coordinator/biologist, looks through a microscope at an example of one of the more that 25 varieties of mosquitos known to buzz around the member towns of Bridport, Cornwall and Weybridge. Independent photo/John Flowers
WEYBRIDGE — Lemon Fair Insect Control District officials received more than 20 mosquito complaints last week from residents in the LFICD’s three member communities, and they are ramping up education efforts to reduce spawning grounds for the pesky, blood sucking vectors. The LFICD,  made up of Bridport, Cornwall and Weybridge, was created in 2006 to battle seasonal mosquito infestation in the lands along the Lemon Fair River. The district, with support from the Vermont Agency of Agriculture, spreads mosquito larvicide in floodplain areas where mosquitos are likely to breed following heavy...

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