MUHS gymnasts defeated by Essex

MIDDLEBURY — The Middlebury Union High School gymnastics team earned only one first-place finish when it hosted the powerful squad from Essex High School at the Middlebury Union Middle School gym on Wednesday evening.

Hannah Stoll’s 26.25 score earned her the top spot in the all-around competition.

Essex won the team competition, 132.15-104.05, over the Tigers.

The top-four finishers in each of the disciplines was as follows:


1st 8.65 Kylie Svarczkopf (Essex)

2nd 8.5 Abbie Gehsmann (Essex)

3rd 8.1 Claire Peterson (Essex)

4th 8.05 Taylor Thompson (Essex)


1st 9.1 Karyn Svarczkopf (Essex)

2nd 7.9 Thompson

3rd 7.5 Abbie Evans (Essex)

4th 7.0 Courtney Gleason (Essex)


1st 9.05 Gehsmann

2nd 8.9 Gleason

3rd 8.5 Kylie Svarczkopf

4th 7.7 Peterson


1st 9.2 Kylie Svarczkopf

2nd 8.6 Gehsmann

3rd 8.1 Thompson

4th 7.3 Evans 

All Around

1st 26.25 Hannah Stoll (MUHS)

2nd 25.1 Emma Snyder-White (MUHS) and Mikayla Robinson (MUHS)

4th 25.0 Leah Raymond (MUHS)

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