Nancy Wilson

AFTER 30 YEARS as director of Lawrence Memorial Library in Bristol, Nancy Wilson retired on June 30. She is most proud, she said, of the renovations and expansions that took place on her watch. In her retirement, she plans to ... catch up on some reading. Independent photo/Christopher Ross
BRISTOL — About 33 minutes into the Independent’s delightful conversation with Nancy Wilson at the Lawrence Memorial Library last month, she was called away. “Can I interrupt you for one second,” said Coco Moseley, who would soon replace Wilson as librarian. “I need to access that brain of yours.” Wilson, who was about to retire after 30 years of leading the library, switched into high gear. Walking through the fiction section like a bibliographic Sherlock Holmes, she consulted her vast store of knowledge — of the patron’s tastes and reading history, of the library’s collection and even the...

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