Book review: How to Give Up Plastic — by Will McCallum

Will McCallum has been at the front of the antiplastics movement in his role at Greenpeace U.K. He recently spent a month in Antarctica with his team, investigating whether plastic is reaching the most remote region on the planet. It is. Plastic waste and toxic chemicals found in remote parts of the Antarctic this year add to evidence that pollution is spreading to the ends of the Earth, environmental group Greenpeace said in June of last year. McCallum delivers grim news — the statistics are staggering — peppered throughout this accessible guide to eliminating plastic from your life, with practical steps individuals can take, and are already taking, to tackle this global issue. Some we know, carry a reusable mug, and some we don't, like how microfibers in our clothing, released into our water system when we launder them, are a huge contributing factor in the propagation of plastic into the Earth’s, and the ocean’s, farthest reaches. Straightforward advice on how to advocate for eliminating disposable plastics where you live and shop, with chapters on giving up plastic in the bathroom, kitchen and bedroom. #breakfreefromplastic is a global environmental movement. It’s refreshing to hear the truth, but also feel empowered to make a difference.

— Reviewed by Jenny Lyons of The Vermont Book Shop in Middlebury.


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How to Give Up Plastic — by Will McCallum (Penguin Books)

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