Dear Homeward Bound: Why do dogs wear orange during hunting season?

Dear Homeward Bound,

Why is orange the safety color for dogs to wear during hunting season? I’m curious because right now there is so much color in the woods that the orange on my dog’s collar seems to kind of blend in.


Dear Curious,

Good question. I think orange is traditionally recommended because hunters are trained to see blaze orange and not to shoot at it. While lime or day-glow green might stand out more or as well, it is not a color that hunters traditionally register as a caution against shooting.  Perhaps your dog could wear a bit of both. That way hunters would get their caution in and you would still be able to see your dog even in the height of foliage. Make sure you wear some orange, too as it’s always better safe than sorry.

Jessica Danyow

Homeward Bound

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