CANCELLED: Jamaican hymn sing returns to Shoreham

SHOREHAM — Organizers of the Annual Jamaican Hymn Sing at the Shoreham Congregational Church over the weekend announced tht the Sept. 26 had been cancelled. Ginny VanHazinga of the church said a renewed concern about COVID-19 was driving the decision.

"For over 40 years, the Shoreham Congregational Church has hosted an annual Jamaican Hymn Sing, where the Jamaican workers in the many local apple orchards would gather together for an evening of song and worship through music," VanHazinga told the Independent. "Last year, all social gatherings were cancelled due to the pandemic. This year, out of respect for the health of our guests from Jamaica, who work to earn money for their families back home, we have decided to again cancel the scheduled Hymn Sing.

"Normally this evening is a time of fellowship for the men who work in different orchards. This year it is safer for them to avoid the close contact they would experience at such a large gathering.  We wish all the Jamaican apple pickers good health as they work to produce a bountiful harvest in their respective orchards.

Even before cancelling the event, precautions were planned. The church had announed that face masks would be required and refreshments would not be served.


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