The latest COVID-19 numbers (Jan. 20)

ADDISON COUNTY — The Vermont Department of Health (DOH) today, Wednesday, Jan. 20, is reporting six new confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Addison County for a total of 533 confirmed cases here since the pandemic began last March. Today's increase continues a trend of busy pandemic activity in a county that has seen 194 new cases during the past two weeks.

The DOH provides limited data on town-by-town coronavirus cases. According to that data, most recently updated on Jan. 13, Middlebury has reported 79 cases, up 16 since the last DOH town-by-town update on Jan. 7; Vergennes 67 (up 14); Shoreham 44 (up seven); Bristol 47 (up nine); Brandon 43 (up nine); Bridport 46 (up 14); New Haven 40 (up 10); Ferrisburgh  32 (up four); Orwell 31 (up eight); Addison 19 (up two); Panton 10 (up two), and Whiting, 8 (up one); Salisbury 10 (up four); Cornwall 7; and Starksboro 10 (up four). Making their first appearance on the state’s list are Leicester, with six cases, and Weybridge, with eight.

None of the county’s other communities have reported five or more cases, according to the DOH.

The statewide news on the pandemic front has also been unnerving — 124 new cases in Vermont since yesterday, for a total of 10,471.

State officials reported 165 Vermonters have died thus far from COVID-19, an increase of two fatalities compared to yesterday.

Officials said 174 people who have traveled into the state are being monitored. Meanwhile, 12,371 people have completed monitoring. The Vermont Department of Health has administered COVID-19 tests to 290,593 people as of today, including 15,186 tests on Addison County residents.

Health department officials on Wednesday said 42 people are currently hospitalized in Vermont for COVID-19, up two from yesterday. Seven of those patients are in intensive care. Four people are currently being monitored in hospitals for potential COVID-19 symptoms, according to the DOH.

Officials said 7,020 Vermonters have thus far recovered from COVID-19.

Chittenden County has reported the most coronavirus cases, with 3,675, according to the DOH. Then it’s Washington County with 1,051 cases, followed by Bennington County with 818, Windsor County with 757 cases, Windham County with 720, and Franklin County with 685. Then it’s Rutland County with 684, Addison County with 533, and Orange County with 395.

Every Vermont County has recorded at least 81 positive tests for COVID-19, according to the DOH.

Most Middlebury College students have just returned from winter break. The college recorded a total of seven positive COVID-19 tests since students returned to campus in August. The institution in late summer instituted an on-campus testing program that has administered more than 13,700 COVID-19 tests — including 40 since J-term students returned to campus on this week.

Spring term students will return on Feb. 21 and 22.

When students return to campus they are required to complete a 14-day pre-arrival quarantine off campus, and will be tested on Days 0 and 7 after arrival on campus.


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