Lincoln news for Apr. 1

LINCOLN — The Library is busy planning activities for this spring and summer that will introduce social interaction in ways that allow each individual to choose the level of interaction with others.

A new tool borrow board will be available where you can post a tool that you are looking to borrow or a tool that you would like to loan out. There will be no tools on site at the library. This is purely a means for connecting people and tools. Please email if you would like to participate.

Another project in the works is the Human Library. The idea of a Human Library is where people are available to “borrow” and visitors are free to peruse the list of “subjects” and pick out a person that interests them. Then they sit down with them for a half hour and hear their story or talk about whatever they choose.  The project is meant to combat prejudice by giving people a chance to connect with someone they may have never had a chance to speak with otherwise. The library will be looking for people who have a story or experience to share!

Examples of stories to share might include a person who went to a one room schoolhouse, someone who spent their childhood in a foreign country, a person who had an experience in the military, a person that competed in the Olympics, completed the Appalachian Trail, a bike ride across the country or someone who has special interests in birding or dog breeding or someone that is experiencing an unusual health condition. If you would like to be involved with the project, please email Wendy at

REMINDER: Spring break for MAUSD students is April 19-23.

Until next time ... Happy April Fool’s Day!


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