Pet of the week: Fergie

This is Fergie. He is a one-year-old red Havanese boy filled with energy, love, and incredible smartness.

He came to us at 8 months old because his previous owner decided she could not show him due to a very crooked lower canine tooth. He had dental surgery to shorten his lower canine, which would have ultimately punctured the roof of his mouth. He is now the happiest dog ever and proud of his stubby little tooth.

Next he has to have some eye surgery so Fergie decided to practice wearing his new Collar of Shame before the surgery. No shame for this boy! He loves it and is as proud as a lion when he is wearing it.

Currently Fergie is taking the Trick Class at Comfort Hill in Vergennes. In two weeks he already has learned 8 new tricks.  He is usually at my side, but when he disappears I can find him barking at his clicker eager to get back to practicing his spins, twirls, and high fives.

Vickie Rinehart


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