Volunteers fix what's broken at the Repair Fair

AMY CLAPP AND her son Theo Fallis, left, watch intently as Amie Bates evaluates the broken table lamp they brought to Thursday’s Repair Fair at the Hannaford Career Center in Middlebury. Bates figured out a fix. Independent photo/Steve James

MIDDLEBURY — More than 60 hopeful souls dragged in their broken small appliances, kitchen tools, bicycles, jewelry, torn or worn clothing and even a busted doorbell to The Makery at the Hannaford Career Center in Middlebury this past Thursday evening for the Addison County Solid Waste Management District’s Repair Fair. 

One woman brought along a big suitcase that had been through the wars on an airport baggage carousel. Volunteer fixers repaired the suitcase handle, but couldn’t fix the zipper. The fair, a reoccurring event, had a nice, friendly atmosphere with snacks and things for the kids to do. Volunteers managed to restore the “ding-dong” to the doorbell! 

WOLFGANG ZIEGLER MANAGES to repair the Kitchen Aid dough and pastry mixer that Jason Sherry of Middlebury brought along.

Independent photo/Steve James

LARRY BUCK OF New Haven helps fix the brakes on a bike.

Independent photo/Steve James

SUSAN SMILEY OF New Haven happily reported that her vintage food processor was once again working as she left.

Independent photo/Steve James















THEO FALLIS OF Weybridge takes a gander at a telescope that only needed a new mount to cure it’s wobble. 

Independent photo/Steve James
















DON MAGLIENTI RUNS the Take Apart Table, which he explained was where kids could just dismantle things like radios to see how they work.

Independent photo/Steve James



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