CAMPERS AT HANCOCK’S Camp Killooleet have a variety of physical activities during their seven to eight weeks of camp. Photo courtesy of Camp Killooleet
HANCOCK — Whoever was going to marry Kate Seeger knew that they weren't just getting her, they also had to be ready to take on a hundred or so 9-14 year old kids and 300 acres in the Green Mountains every summer. Kate and tiny Hancock’s Camp Killooleet were a package deal. Luckily, Seeger found the perfect partner-in-crime (partner-in-camp?) in Dean Spencer, and the two have been happily directing the summer camp for almost 30 years. Kate represents the second generation of Seegers to run the camp. The camp was founded in 1927 by Margaret Bartlett and Toni Taylor. Kate’s parents, John and...

Peter Welch
WASHINGTON, D.C. — Congressman Peter Welch (D-Vt.) has concluded that President Donald Trump should be impeached. “I do not arrive at this conclusion lightly,” he wrote in a statement released Thursday morning. “The power of impeachment granted to Congress by our Founding Fathers should not be casually employed. In our democracy, every deference should be given to the outcome of every election.” The statement comes a day after the U.S. House of Representatives voted 332–95 to table an impeachment article submitted by Rep. Al Green (D-Tex.), which cited the president’s racist tweets and...
PANTON — As manure runoff from a Panton dairy farm mixed with snowmelt and found its way into Lake Champlain this past March, a wrinkled brown crust formed on top of the water. For a moment during Panton resident Eben Markowski’s video footage of it, the crust looked like a moonscape or a desert. The illusion was broken when Markowski dipped a plastic cup into the water and held it in front of his camera. A brown-gray sludge clung to side of the cup. When he poured it back, it hit the water with a chunky blurping sound. In subsequent video, which showed foamy brown water rushing past,...
MIDDLEBURY — Investors representing Connor Mill-Built Homes (CMBH) have purchased the Good Point Recycling headquarters at 227 Pond Lane for $1.84 million, a deal that’s expected to strengthen both of those growing enterprises based in Middlebury’s industrial park. The deal became official on June 19, according to property transfer records on file at the Middlebury town clerk’s office. It’s a transaction that according to company principals will give CMBH more financial stability and room in which to eventually grow, while giving Good Point a major infusion of capital to expand its workforce...

CELEBRATED AUTHORS JULIA Alvarez and Jay Parini congratulate Esra Anzali, 11, for her second-place finish in the Second Annual Weybridge Haiku Contest on Saturday at a community picnic. Esra’s sister, Narges, took first place in the contest, which has become a creative, uniting force for the town. Independent photo/Bethany Palmer
WEYBRIDGE — Weybridge haiku test draws a lot of good entries applaud the winners The above haiku wouldn’t win a prize, but far better ones did at the Second Annual Weybridge Haiku Contest, a celebration of community spirit through the traditional Japanese verse form characterized by three unrhymed lines of five, seven, and five syllables. The contest drew a combined total of 101 entries from 22 local poets divided into youth (14 and younger) and adult divisions. Weybridge’s co-poet laureates — celebrated authors Julia Alvarez and Jay Parini — judged the entries and announced the winners at a...

THE VERMONT AGENCY of Transportation recently agreed to pay owners of the Battell Block on Merchants Row $532,000 for a series of easements that are needed to move forward with replacement of Middlebury’s two downtown rail bridges. VTrans has agreed to pay a combined total of around $5 million for easements on 27 downtown properties. Independent photo/Steve James
MIDDLEBURY — The Vermont Agency of Transportation (VTrans) has agreed to pay a combined total of $5 million for easements on 27 separate downtown Middlebury properties within the footprint of the massive railroad bridges replacement project that will last into 2021. Some of those payments range into the six figures — including a recent $532,000 settlement with owners of the Battell Block, the downtown’s anchor retail/office/apartment building at the intersection of Main Street and Merchants Row. That historic property will be among the most affected by construction disruption that will resume...
Thanks to the hard work of many volunteers, Bristol’s “River Bend Trail,” from the former Coffin Factory site to the local fire station, is now open. Folks who want to check it out and help with final spruce-up work can gather behind the fire station off West Street this Saturday, July 20, at 8 a.m. Bring gloves and a five-gallon plastic pail to pick up any garbage you might find. Organizers said the trail primarily needs feet walking on it to break it in. Bristol’s public trail is now around three miles long. Work will soon begin on the next trail segment, from Basin Street to South Street....

ELIZABETH RODRIGUEZ, THE lead singer and fiddler of the Canadian-Cuban quintet Okan, gives a magnetic performance during Middlebury’s 41st Festival on the Green. Independent photo/Steve James
MIDDLEBURY — From July 7-13, festival-goers from across the state and especially Addison County enjoyed splendid summer weather for the 41st Annual Middlebury Festival-on-the-Green. “Attendance this year was very strong,” said festival chair Pat Boera Tuesday. “Most evenings we saw between 500 and 600 people and on Friday night, about 800 people were spread all up the hill in every direction you could see.” Despite light rain on Saturday evening, the annual Street Dance was packed and even featured the talents of a few experienced swing dancing couples, along with music from the Vermont Jazz...

WALKERS ENJOY A little “forest bathing” as they trek along the Bristol Trail Network on July 1. Efforts to connect trails around town into a six-mile loop are proceeding in the network’s second year. Independent photo/Christopher Ross
BRISTOL — Porter Knight, who for more than two years has overseen construction of the Bristol Trail Network, asks fun questions. Take, for instance, a group email she sent out on June 19: “Anyone have a machete and know how to use it?” Volunteer trail builders had encountered something quite a bit tougher than grass. “We need someone who wants to hatchet it down with some type of thing (a machete was suggested) and then weed-whack it,” she continued. The following day, in an email postscript, Knight announced with amusement that the machete email had generated more interest than any other...
ADDISON The following real estate sales were recorded in the town of Addison in the first six months of 2019: •Jan. 14: Christina and Attila Kovacs to Michael Hollis and Erin Cashman, home on 5.01 acres at 4686 Lake St., $370,000. •March 8: Rheal and Gail Gevry, Trustees, to Lawrence and Dale Lynds, mobile home on 0.96 acre at 6386 Route 125, $183,400. •March 29: Bank of America to Levi and Jennifer Barrett, home on 1.75 acres at 5018 Route 22A, $130,000. •April 15: Brooks Trust to Tanya Hoard and Mark Chapman, mobile home on 2.5 acres at 84 Fisher Point Road, $118,000. •April 25: Constance...


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