Editorial: Vote for Joe — and democracy

The surprise in the presidential contest between former Vice President Joe Biden and the incumbent is not that Trump continued his litany of daily lies, insults and idiotic statements (“The pandemic has ended,” Trump said yesterday as the nation reels under the largest daily infection rate of the year), but that Mr. Biden has become a forceful candidate able to put Trump in his place while advocating a progressive agenda.

Many Democrats might want Biden to be more assertive and more eloquent, but he’s proven his chops by gaining higher favorability ratings today than he had this summer, and by besting Trump in poll after poll. 

But even as Biden leads in the General Election polls and in the battle for an Electoral College majority, turnout on Election Day will be the crucial factor. Democrats will need a monumental effort in many of the swing states if they are to keep their predicted advantage from early mail-in ballots.

To that end, Biden supporters should not sit idle these next few days, but double-down in their efforts to elect Biden and Congressional Democrats across the board through phone banks and other efforts individuals can take. The Addison Independent posted a video last week explaining how easy it is to participate in phone calls to swing states, which can be found here: https://tinyurl.com/yy5uxuu8.

If each of us can make just three calls one day this week in a swing state, it could make the difference.

Among the thousands of reasons to reject Trump is his perversion of our democracy into a banana republic that has rewarded cronyism and is ruled by Trump’s whim rather than the rule of law. That the Republican Senate has embraced that practice and hasn’t had the courage to stand up to his misguided policies and politics on the pandemic is a disgrace to all Republicans. Add to that his fond embrace of the world’s dictators, actions that have sullied America’s standing in the world and policy decisions based on gut reactions rather than studied consideration, and there is little doubt Trump’s presidency will be viewed by historians as the low point in America’s history. 

The reasons to support Biden are straightforward: he’s honest, sincere, compassionate, empathetic and understands the importance of clearly defined policy. He is not one to lead by denigrating others. And contrary to Trump, Biden’s policies favor the middle- and lower-class over the nation’s wealthiest 10%. His plan to address climate change is progressive but allows for a steady transition from fossil fuels to renewables. In short, Biden’s presidency would be based on rational, deliberate policy considerations and no-nonsense negotiations with world leaders. Compare that to the chaotic — and childishly petty — four years the nation has endured under Trump. 

A vote for Joe is a vote for democracy — and our national character.

— Angelo Lynn

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