Letter to the editor: Act now to preserve public input on national forest rules

The U.S. Forest Service, pushed by the Trump Administration, is proposing to reduce and eliminate public review, as called for in the National Environmental Policy Act, of destructive practices in the National Forests. This would allow logging, road building, mining, etc. to happen without notice anywhere and any time! Say goodbye to some hiking and biking trails, and the integrity of the forest as we know it, if this goes through.

I am opposed to all changes to the NEPA Rules that would allow the USFS, in partnering with private industry and other organizations, to reduce environmental review and remove the public from commenting or providing input on timber harvesting, mining and road construction on our National Forests.

Many of us depend on the great recreational opportunities that all national forests, and particularly the Green Mountain National Forest at our doorstep, provides for hiking, camping, xc skiing, mountain biking, wildlife viewing, and many other activities. Having a project punch a new road or clearcut an area of the forest without public comment is unconscionable. This is just one more assault on our environment by this out-of-control president and his administration.

Our National Forests belong to all Americans, not just a few private interests!

You have until Aug. 26 to comment on this. So go online here and make a comment now before the deadline Aug. 26.

Bruce Acciavatti


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