Letter to the editor: Biden right to withdraw troops

When President Biden announced the end to the Forever War in Afghanistan was near, I was elated. Over the past 20 years, we have seen countless troops serve in that conflict, and now troops who were not even born when the war began are fighting in it. Thank you, President Biden, for bringing the troops home.

I know military veterans, like the ones with the group Common Defense, have advocated for an end to this conflict for years. Today, we all celebrate this drawdown with them. Tomorrow, we will have to turn our eye to the 40 other countries around the world where U.S. troops are deployed, but today we can celebrate.

Sticking to the timeline laid out in President Biden’s plan will be crucial to ensuring the safety of the troops which remain in Afghanistan until September. The Taliban is less likely to attack if they know doing so will prolong or reengage America’s military. Let’s keep them safe and bring them home, now.

Jason Hurd


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