Letter to the editor: Children are first priority

No. No, and no again.

I write in defense of my fellow Addison Central School District board members, who are much more diplomatic and polite than I am. Contrary to what John Freidin has written in this paper and on Front Porch Forum — cutting the school budget is not the board’s major goal.

The board is grappling with reality while trying its damnedest to provide all youngsters with the best education possible. Yes, the board has fiduciary responsibilities but not at the expense of children’s needs and education. Literally years of thought, discussion, analysis of educational needs and efforts to consult with school communities, have gone into the current proposals. The plans are not final, the timeline is not yet fixed but the direction is inevitable.

We all want safe schools for our kids. Maintenance is expensive. Staff is expensive. The District has fewer children.

These are the unavoidable facts.

Peg Martin


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