Letter to the editor: Conlon shows 'thoughtful, diligent concern' for all

Peter Conlon is the right person for ACSD School Board. Throughout the 25 years I have known Peter, he has served our community with thoughtful, diligent concern for all residents. Peter does not pretend that there are simple answers to the difficult situation Vermont schools are in. He has what we need, including a depth of knowledge and experience to understand the state and federal laws that relate to education, and an understanding of local fears and concerns that run through all communities in the district. Peter is a clear communicator; he is very highly respected by his colleagues on the school board and in the state legislature for his broad view, his ability to calmly and intelligently assess complex societal problems that we all are grappling with, and for being a collaborative, community-minded leader.

Peter is a Vermonter who knows Vermont. He has lived through many changes here, and knows that the ongoing and oncoming changes in public education — driven by many factors at the state and local levels — will not be easy. Changes will bring beneficial opportunities for our children as well as discontent and dissatisfaction; Peter does not pretend that there are perfect solutions.

Through numerous conversations over the years, I know that Peter has a vision in which all students receive the educational services and opportunities they need to learn, grow and thrive. This vision has been behind his decades of public service, starting, I guess, with his chairmanship of Friends of Cornwall School. Peter’s three children have gone through our central Addison County schools; he knows the whole system, from elementary schools up to the high school, and even the whole state; he knows and loves our Addison County communities; he knows many of us personally and cares about us and our families.

Now is not the time to ignore the experience and level-headedness that Peter brings to the board. Now is the time for a clear-eyed and comprehensive view, for a deep understanding of the system-wide complexities and pressures that our schools and all of us face, and for a person with a great track record of working effectively with a broad spectrum of people.

I urge you to join me in supporting Peter Conlon for ACSD School Board.

Marc Lapin


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