Letter to the editor: COVID-19 isn't a political issue

I am very disappointed that we Vermonters as represented by our news media (Addison County Independent) have degenerated to political party name calling, specifically that the Democrats should put pressure on the governor (R) to open faster (editorial, May 14). Jackasses vs. Elephants both are animals incapable of running our government. 

It is anyone’s right and privilege to disagree with the governor’s process of relaxing restrictions. But COVID-19 is not political. We have had enough of this stupidity from the White House. We hear from the president that he has done a very good job on COVID-19, but not the same from many of the health professionals. (If an early and effective response had been made, all would be better served and be truly advanced in returning to a new normal.) That is political!

On another crisis. This appears to be a catalyst to revamp our school system. I think the report that advised $143 million could be saved was optimistic. But our taxes have continued increasing. With all the shortfalls in revenue some economies must be done.

Stay safe please wear a mask when out and about.

Ed Payne 


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