Letter to the editor: Darwin offers food for thought

Thank you for publishing Mark Spritzer’s letter (Feb.18) giving insight to some of the many intricacies of Charles Darwin’s time-tested theories of natural selection and evolution. 

These days, it seems, many are searching for patterns to explain our complex lives.  It is reasonable to reach for understanding and ways forward, as it seems, Emily Hoyler was doing in her Feb. 4 article. Mark points out that Darwin’s theories cannot be simply boiled down to competition and survival of the fittest. Finding niches and cooperating through parasitism, altruism, etc. describe patterns of species interaction.  These patterns, describing evolution, help us understand and move forward.

Darwin’s theories have persisted through years of examination and bias. It is important to continue to study, question, and reframe. Throughly understanding the “Giants whose shoulders we stand on” can bring insight to understating our world and moving to improve it.   

Vicki Major


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