Letter to the editor: Does He Know How I Feel?

Abraham Lincoln sat peacefully in the National Lincoln Memorial.

A tear drop fell.

Our National Statue of Liberty stood peacefully on our NYC shore.

A tear drop fell.

The tanks rolled in.

The Lincoln Memorial was blocked.

We could not sit on the steps.

A tear drop fell.

We could not quietly walk up to Lincoln as he peacefully sat and watched over our capital.

As he looked down our National Mall that was made for and is for all of us,

As he shared the stage with Martin Luther King who had a dream,

As he listened to Marian Anderson sing “America”,

A tear dropped from Lincoln and from Lady Liberty.

As the war planes flew overhead,

Lincoln was sitting not standing over us.

Lady Liberty was standing in a flowing robe her torch held high for all of us.

Both nonviolent, nonthreatening,

Both peaceful, welcoming all of us,

Two of our most famous memorials representing our country,

Both showing we are a great country,

Without showing off our weapons of destruction.

A tear drop fell.


Frances L. Stone


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