Letter to the editor: Draining swamps is a trick concept

Draining a swamp seemed like a credible idea. Swamps, however, are ecologically necessary in a literal sense, keeping in mind, government services and swamps are politically neutral.

In the draining process, four-letter-words are expressed through a Presidential “MAGAphone.” Children are encouraged to add vulgarity to their voice. Discourse descends at lightning speed into mindless banality, the most effective “dumbing-down” since the State of Tennessee vs. John Thomas Scopes.

Footnote: The First Parent avoids looking at his son, thus repeating what his mother did, ignoring Don, drowning in wealth, while he raised himself, like “Lord of the Flies.”

The swamp, however, includes career public servants, who keep the trains running, who provide services, and respond to a hostile world with competence and skill. Drain-the-swamp platitudes are more dangerous than they seem.

In lieu of fanning flames, discussion should encourage civility and truth, which are less entertaining than disinformation.

Alexander Lyall


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