Letter to the editor: Editorial was a must-read

For anyone who missed Angelo Lynn’s editorial in the Nov. 21 issue of this newspaper I am urging everyone to go back and read it. Read it again. What it says may be the most important idea for citizens in Vermont to think about now.

It seems quite common wisdom these days that Vermonters can no longer bear the burden of the high taxes we pay and that the answer to this problem is school consolidation. Some communities (many communities?) will have to close their schools because they are no longer affordable. This will have devastating results for many towns where the schools have been the center of community activity for generations. But, sad as that is, it is unavoidable. When people in Ripton, Ferrisburgh and Addison object strongly, they are told that they must face the facts.

In his editorial Angelo Lynn tells why school consolidation can be short-term thinking and that looking at this issue in the long-term will yield much better results. He carefully spells out how shifting funding priorities state-wide to help small towns grow can do so much to preserve what is good about living in Vermont, not just in what are now high-growth areas but all over the state.

I am urging everyone to read that Nov. 21 editorial. I hope that political leadership in Vermont will catch on. Now is the time to do what is best for future generations in Vermont.

George Klohck 


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