Letter to the editor: Field Days looks for competitors

It’s almost time for Field Days!

Are you an amateur maker, baker, artist, photographer, or gardener? Did you spend the last 18 months honing your knitting or your cookie making, and did you finally have time to plant the flowers or vegetables you’ve always loved?

The Home and Garden Departments in the Frances Monroe Building at the Addison County Fair and Field Days would love for you to share your passions with the larger community. We have friendly competitions in the following departments: Handicrafts, Foods, Art and Photography, Flower Show, and Garden Products. We invite all amateur creators and growers to enter, with the possibility of winning prizes.

We also have competitions for commercial flower growers, plant nurseries, and commercial gardeners. Information is available online at addisoncountyfielddays.com (to get directly to the Home and Garden page go to tinyurl.com/3hamdbwh). For more information, contact any of the superintendents, or call Megan Sutton at 545-2475. See you at the Fair, August 10- 14.

Megan Sutton

Field Days Volunteer and Board Member

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