Letter to the editor: Flag protocols are important

I write to thank Albert Zaccor for his letter regarding flags being flown on school flagpoles other than the American flag and the state flag of Vermont. This discussion is brought about by the BLM flag being flown “indefinitely” at the High School in Bristol.

Col. Zaccor states that BLM has a “radical agenda.” I do not know if this is the case and, in fact, I do not care. There are many organizations that I strongly support that have flags or symbols that could be flown. I do not want them flown on municipal flagpoles along with the American flag. These buildings, schools, Porter Hospital, belong to all of us. The history, past and present, of racial injustice in our nation should be part of the curriculum taught in our schools. This education is honored by the symbol that unites all of us, by the formality of the flown American flag on the grounds. No flags of the confederacy, the tea party, the rainbow coalition, etc., etc., etc.

I strongly disagree with Porters plans regarding flying the BLM flag. Yes racism causes illness and health disparities. So does poverty, income inequality, drug addiction. I was a visiting nurse in the Champlain Valley and saw abject poverty, drug addiction, spousal abuse, child abuse. All who are suffering under all these injustices, including racial injustice, must be seen at Porter under the umbrella of unity and respect. No one burden should be treated with greater caring, or with a heralded announcement above any other.

Thank you, Col. Zaccor.

Catherine Braun RN (ret)



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